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MazeCraft MCPE

In this map you will go through 5 different mazes. Some mazes are east, some want to make you pull your face off

Telescope Eyeing Universe's First Stars Gets (Another) Big Boost

Throughout history, groups of people around the world have created stories about how the first stars arrived in the night sky. Some say the stars …

James Webb Space Telescope

Sciatica Exercises That Will Give You Immediate Relief

<b>Sciatica</b> is a symptom of acute pain in the lower part of the body caused due to compression of the sciatic nerve. Sciatica exercises provide instant …


Home Remedies for Migraines : Effective During Severe Pain

<b>A migraine</b> is a severe pain in the head. It normally occurs on one side of the head and lasts up to 72 hours. The pain is unbearable at times and the …

Genesis Archive #3 The Fountain Of Salmacis [Very Special Version: Piano/Vocal]


These 23 Principles Could Help Us Avoid an AI Apocalypse

Science fiction author Isaac Asimov famously predicted that we’ll one day have to program robots with a set of laws that protect us from our …

Welcome to the Universe: An Astrophysical Tour

R. Baum January 22, 2017 87<p>0<p>One of my favorite people, and author Neil DeGrasse Tyson has released a new book, Welcome to the Universe. Tysons way …


What is String Theory And Why Humanity Absolutely Needs It

String Theory<p>For decades, scientists have theorized about what lies beyond the third dimension and if there can exist a unified theory to explain all …

Here's what the Obama administration did for science

"Being pro-science is the only way we make sure that America continues to lead the world."<p>Today marks the end of President Barack Obama’s second and final term. From his first inaugural address to his final State of the Union address, Obama has promised to advance science and technological …

Obama Administration

What Was Our Universe Like Before the Big Bang?

Theoretical physicists and cosmologists deal with the biggest questions, like “Why are we here?” “When did the universe begin?” and “How?” Another …


Stalin, the big bang and quantum physics

Scientific research in Soviet times had to face limitations imposed by the regime. The official ideology, in particular, could not tolerate the …

Hydrogen Has Been Turned To Metal, And It’s About To Change The World

Metallic hydrogen is one of the holy grails of modern science. It would essentially be a magic material, creating everything from impossibly fast computers to hovering cars (themselves powered by hydrogen) to batteries that never need charging. It was also supposed to be impossible, as it would …


Ride the Tiger: A Guide Through the Bipolar Brain (PBS)


A Hitman with fake hands protect Donald Trump

Donald Trump

The James Webb Space Telescope will truly do what Hubble only dreamed of

Why it’s not “the next Hubble,” but “the first James Webb.”<p><i>“…because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and</i> …


Deepest part of the world's ocean is incredibly noisy, scientists say

<b>(CNN) —</b> Unlike deep space, the deep sea is not a silent oasis, according to newly released recordings.<p>Researchers shared audio clips of ambient noise that were captured at a depth of more than 36,000 feet, about 7 miles, in the Mariana Trench, near the U.S. territory of Guam, according to a …