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Take Our 21-Day Program For Radical Self-Improvement

#BIBetter is a 21-day self-improvement program designed for the busy professional, featuring a few habits that will make a big difference and a bunch of tasks that most of us have been putting off for too long.<p>We recommend participating with at least one other person, so you have more fun and keep …

The Best Health and Wellness Vacations for 2015

For some, "getting away" not only means venturing to a quiet, calm and secluded retreat, but also letting go of everything.<p>Total relaxation; working up a sweat is out of the question and dietary indulgences are openly welcomed.<p>PHOTO GALLERY<p>The Best Health and Wellness Vacations<p>Every once in a while …

The Psychology of Language: Which Words Matter the Most When We Talk

One of the things I fuss about a lot (especially at Buffer) are words—very simple words, in fact. Should it say “Hi” or “Hey?” Should it be “cheers” …

Ten words to cut from your writing

As Mark Twain famously wrote, "I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead." His point? Strong writing is lean writing.<p>When you want to make your writing more powerful, cut out words you don't need – such as the 10 included in this post:<p><b>1. Just:</b> The word "just" is a …

The Best Apps for Any Kind of Writing

Writing is a very personal practice, and as a result you have a million writing-focused apps to choose from. From distraction-free apps that take up …


All about Chinese

February 8 at 9:00pm · Public<p>先爱你自己,你才会知道自己值得<p>让谁来爱。<br>Love yourself first, so you know what you deserve. <br>#Chinese #Mandarin #Life #Love<p>February 8 at 7:30am …

Top 3 Tips for Taking Notes while Learning Chinese

天气 weather tiān qì How is the weather? 我这儿今天阴天,你那儿呢?

Antonym ... Opposites .... The 5th part. (END) 凹 [āo] - 凸 [tū] 尊 [zūn] - 卑 [bēi] 本 [běn] - 末 [mò] 褒 [bāo] - 贬 [biǎn] 宾 [bīn] - 主 [zhǔ] 倒 [dào] - 顺 [shùn] 并 [bìng] - 分 [fēn] 久 [jiǔ] - 暂 [zàn] 捕 [bǔ] - 放 [fàng] 俊 [jùn] - 丑 [chǒu] 敞 [chǎng] - 盖 [gài] 闭 [bì] - 开 [kāi] 成 [chéng] - 败 [bài] ............. —————————————— 每天一词 : A WORD A DAY ► Index of all Topics & Posts ► —————————————— #LearnChinese #LearnMandarin #LearnToSpeakChinese #SpeakChinese #putonghua

How to Improve Your Mandarin Chinese Pronunciation

Learn Chinese<p>When you are learning Mandarin Chinese, one of the most important but yet challenging things is to learn to pronounce the …

All about Chinese's 量词系列 Measure Word Series#5 处 for location #Chinese #Mandarin

biàn huà - 变化 - hsk3 —————————————————————— 例子 : 据说山上的天气变化很快。 jùshuō shān shàng de tiānqì biànhuà hěn kuài . 变化太小,察觉不出来。 biànhuà tài xiǎo , chájué bùchūlái . 液体组分的变化会引起误差。 Yètǐ zǔ fèn de biànhuà hùi yǐnqǐ wùchā. 医生说病人的情况没有变化. Yīshēng shuō bìngrén de qíngkuàng méiyǒu biànhuà. 蔬菜价随着天气变化而波动。 Shūcài jià suízhe tiānqì biànhuà ér bōdòng. —————————————————————— 每天一词 : A WORD A DAY ► ◄ ► ◄ ► ◄ —————————————————————— #LearnChinese #LearnMandarin #LearnToSpeakChinese #SpeakChinese #putonghua #SpeakMandarin #Mandarin #ChineseCharacters #ChineseWords

bāng máng - 帮忙 - #hsk3 —————————————————————— 例子 : 我担心可能帮不了你, 你需要找其他人帮忙。 wǒ dānxīn kěnéng bāng bù le nǐ , nǐ xūyào zhǎo qítārén bāngmáng 我先谢谢你的帮忙。 wǒ xiān xièxie nǐ de bāngmáng . 他喊了又喊,但没有人来帮忙。 Tā hǎnle yòu hǎn, dàn méiyǒu rén lái bāngmáng. 你还需要帮忙吗? Nǐ hái xūyào bāngmáng ma? 我昨天帮了他的忙。 wǒ zuótiān bāng le tā de máng . —————————————————————— 每天一词 : A WORD A DAY ► ◄ ► ◄ ► ◄ —————————————————————— #LearnChinese #LearnMandarin #LearnToSpeakChinese #SpeakChinese #putonghua #SpeakMandarin #Mandarin #ChineseCharacters #ChineseWords

Everybody agrees that Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to study. However, the use of effective methods can help you to achieve your goals. Today, I will try to give you some good methods to learn Chinese, in the hopes that you can apply these to your individual learning difficulties Click here:

There are 9 useful Chinese phrases. Do you know what they mean and how to use them? Learn more:

所有的星星都在等待着你的光芒。 All the stars are waiting for you to shine.

Chinese Dialects And Languages Map 方言 dialect fāng yán It`s one of the classification ways. Mandarin Chinese is the official language.

Mandarin English Dialogue #37 – Company Profile | 一步一个脚印 - My mission from advanced Chinese learner to professional interpreter

Briefing<p>You have been called to interpret for an <b>English-Speaking Writer</b> (ESW) and a <b>Mandarin-Speaking Businesswoman</b> (MSB). The writer is researching …

All about Chinese 新内容 New Content! 有用词汇Useful Vocabulary Vol1. 金钱 Money #Chinese #Mandarin #Money #中文 #汉语

0353 - 干 - gān; gàn - #HSK3 —————————————————————— 例子 : 你在干什么啊? nǐ zài gàn shén me ā ? 我发现他在花园里干活。 wǒ fāxiàn tā zài huāyuán lǐ gàn huó . 你要干洗还是湿洗? nǐ yào gānxǐ háishì shīxǐ ? —————————————————————— 每天一词 : A WORD A DAY ► ◄ ► ◄ ► ◄ —————————————————————— #LearnChinese #LearnMandarin #LearnToSpeakChinese #SpeakChinese #putonghua #SpeakMandarin #Mandarin #ChineseCharacters #ChineseWords

Learn Chinese Online FREE – Learn Chinese Blog – Just Learn Chinese! » Chinese online short story 罪恶有痕 Traces of Sin 38 (Intermediate to Advanced)

Posted by <b>Grace Feng</b> on April 14, 2014<p>Zhuang Liqun was determined to not to confess. He didn’t want his friends to think of him as a coward.<p>Audio …