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Retiring Chief Justice reflects on thirteen years in the Family Court

After thirteen years at the helm, The Honourable Diana Bryant will retire as Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia.<p>The court hears the most …

Family Law

'National shame': Push for courts to consider Aboriginal background in sentencing

Judges and magistrates would be required to take into account an offender's Aboriginal background and consider ways to reduce the Indigenous prisoner …


Moves to legalise assisted dying in Victoria and NSW

Both Victoria and NSW are soon to consider legislation that could legalise voluntary assisted dying.

New South Wales

No place for paedophiles

Prisons and aged care providers are sounding the alarm over the growing number of elderly convicted sex offenders and other serious criminals, and …


Can cops use iPhone X's facial recognition technology to access users' iPhones?

• Home<br>• Daily News<br>• Can cops use iPhone X's facial recognition…<p>Privacy Law<p><p>Apple’s new iPhone X promises convenience to users who can …


Unspeakable by Unspeakable by Victoria Police on Apple Podcasts

New scheme to revoke fines for family violence victims

Family violence victims will no longer be forced to pay unfair fines racked up by perpetrators using their cars, under new laws to be introduced to …

Fairfax Media


This website has been created to help Victims, Witnesses and Bereaved Family Members navigate the Victorian criminal justice system

Criminal Justice

Revealed: the cost of stopping the boats put at $9.6 billion

The cost of stopping the boats has been calculated at more than $9.6 billion since 2013, and will be another $5.7 billion over the next four years, …


Prisons are merely 'warehousing' offenders, says peer

The UK is simply “warehousing” offenders in prisons without preparing them for a life beyond crime<p>That’s the stark judgement of one of the country’s …


Elderly sex offenders clog Australian jails, but struggle to find housing once released

Australia's prisons are struggling to deal with increasing numbers of older sexual offenders, and aged care facilities want nothing to do with them …


The myths and misconceptions about sex crimes

Reports of sex crimes reached a six-year high in Australia last year yet misconceptions about sexual assault are still common.<p>Victoria Police, with …


Uniting Church pledges to do more to eradicate domestic violence

Uniting Church members in Victoria and Tasmania have committed to redouble the church's efforts to stamp out domestic violence and reassure survivors …


Breaking The Cycle Of Incarceration By Keeping Mothers And Children Together

Hoping to combat the high cost of incarceration and break the cycle of children following their parents to prison, some cities have created programs to keep women out of jail and with their children.<p>By Rebecca Beitsch<p>OKLAHOMA CITY — When Stephanie Petitt was arrested for violating probation for …

Oklahoma City

PETA and photographer David J. Slater settle monkey selfie saga

If a monkey takes a selfie in the forest, who owns the copyright? Animal activists from PETA and wildlife photographer David J. Slater have agreed on …


Smartphone App: Penda

Penda is Australia’s first financial empowerment app for women with a domestic and family violence focus. Penda is a free, simple to use app with …


Why unfit to plead doesn't mean unfit for justice

A range of support programs has been shown to improve access to justice for people with cognitive disabilities who have been accused of crimes, …

Rights & Freedoms

Unfitness to Plead Final Report Launched

Unfitness to plead laws in Australia have been widely recognised as requiring reform and modernisation. The Unfitness to Plead Project sought to …

Australian Universities

The Common Law Continues to Develop in Australia

The common law – or ‘judge made law’ – refers to the body of law developed by the decisions of judges. In a common law system, past decisions are …

New South Wales

The Ordeal of Gay and Transgender Prisoners

One day last year, when I was enrolled in a vocational program at Stafford Creek Corrections Center in Washington State, a classmate of mine …


Activist Danny Lim has offensive behaviour conviction quashed over Tony Abbott sign

Does the ordinary Australian find the c-word offensive?<p>That is a question a NSW District Court judge had to consider on Tuesday during an appeal for …

Tony Abbott

Ep 41 - North Korea, Game of Thrones, Door-to-Door Selling

Game of Thrones

Reforming Prison | Scottish Politics

Reform Scotland’s latest publication, Reforming Prison aims to contribute to the debate on how to better rehabilitate prisoners.<p>One of the central …


The best law books that aren’t To Kill a Mockingbird

<i>Legal Cheek</i> team’s picks<p>If you’re about to start a law degree, have legal profession aspirations or are just interested in the subject, you may want …


We must reduce youth crime: Jesuits

Released yesterday, the analysis follows concern about a small but hardcore group of repeat child offenders involved in increasingly serious and …


New My Rights App Provides Practical Legal Information for Youth

<b>New My Rights App Provides Practical Legal Information for Youth.</b><p>My Rights Application Created in Partnership with Local Community Legal Centre, …


Minister seeks to evade the law by criticising refugee advocates

News<p>Home > News > Article: <i>Minister seeks to evade the law by criticising refugee advocates</i><p>Minister seeks to evade the law by criticising refugee …


The terrible injustice most of us could face

It's one of the most glaring gaps between theory and practice in our community, a huge disconnect between our democracy and our economy. A terrible …


Meet the woman who can lay claim to being Australia's first female judge

This has been a good year for women and the law. Back in January, Susan Kiefel was sworn in as the first female Chief Justice of the High Court of …


Men still dominate managerial positions. The excuses are running out

Across all industries, even those with a majority female workforce, men make up the bulk of managers. Participation rates can’t account for the difference<p>New data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals that management of Australian businesses is dominated by men to an extent that far …