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Target stores attacked by pornographic pranksters

<b>Gina Young was shopping at US superstore Target on Thursday morning - when she and the other shoppers suddenly heard a surprising announcement over the loudspeaker.</b><p>Explicit audio from a pornographic film was blasted out for all to hear. And it kept playing. And playing. For 15 minutes.<p>Young, who …


Your Family DNA Could Be Used Against You by the Law

Five years after privacy advocates warned about the potential risks to privacy posed by massive genetics databases, they are, indeed, causing …

Extreme altruism: should you care for strangers at the expense of your family?

The world is full of needless suffering. How should each of us respond? Should we live as moral a life as possible, even giving away most of our earnings? A new movement argues that we are not doing enough to help those in need<p>For many years, Julia Wise wondered if she would ever meet another …


The World's Smallest Robots: Rise of the Nanomachines

This Japanese Latte Art Will Leave You Speechless [PICTURES]

The barista began working in a Tokyo café when he was 20, and initially experimented with making leaves out of steamed milk, he told Business Insider in an email.<p>One day, a friend challenged him to try drawing an anime character in the foam. After his initial success, Yamamoto realized his talent …


World's scariest walkway? Tourists brave Chang Kong Cliff Road in China

Don't look down! Daredevil tourists brave a steep drop to tackle a narrow wooden path on the side of a near-vertical mountain in China.


System that replaces human intuition with algorithms outperforms 615 of 906 human teams

Big-data analysis consists of searching for buried patterns that have some kind of predictive power. But choosing which “features” of the data to …

Boeing Creates The World's Lightest Metal

Boeing files a lot of patents. From the filing for a force field to protect planes from blasts mid-air in 2012 to a laser-powered fusion engine earlier this year, these are all patents for potential uses of technology that may or may not become a commercial reality.<p>But earlier this week, Boeing …

General Motors

The Most Mysterious Star in Our Galaxy

Astronomers have spotted a strange mess of objects whirling around a distant star. Scientists who search for extraterrestrial civilizations are scrambling to get a closer look.<p>In the Northern hemisphere’s sky, hovering above the Milky Way, there are two constellations—Cygnus the swan, her wings …

New Mexico

Japanese Bonsai Tree Takes a 10-Year Journey Around the Globe

Conceptual artist Azuma Makoto pushes the boundaries of traditional Japanese flower arrangement, taking his plant and flower designs to entirely new levels. Makoto's 10-year project <i>Shiki: Landscape and Beyond,</i> captures the journey of a Japanese white pine bonsai tree around (and above) the globe. …


Dating Sites Cracking Down on Age Liars

Dating sites are beginning to tackle an age-old issue: customers who lie about their age. MarketWatch's Quentin Fottrell discusses with WSJ's Tanya …


Looking for love online? Dating app reveals that men respond to 'aggressive' messages and women want to chat about FOOD

• <b>Copywriters from Hinge created 100 original chat-up lines, and offered some of their users the ability to send the pre-created messages to potential</b> …

Heartbeat Launches First of Its Kind Video Format Dating App

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The founder of Wyldfire, the ladies-led dating app, announces today its plans to launch Heartbeat, a new Snapchat-style …

The First Talking, Artificially Intelligent Surveillance Camera

Invisibility Breakthrough for Japanese Researchers

The Mobile Love Industry

Top 10 Amazing (Somewhat Terrifying) Facts about AI

Up To 180 Orgasms In Two Hours: Woman Living With Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder


Unlocking L.A.'s Traffic Grid: Phreaked Out (Episode 1)

LARPing Saved My Life

Sex under MRI - Anatomy of love, Rate My Science

Mental Health: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

California teams with tech firms to fight cyber exploitation

California's attorney general has teamed with leaders in the tech industry and law enforcement to combat so-called cyber exploitation — the practice of anonymously posting explicit photographs of others online, often to extort money from the victims.<p>Kamala Harris announced Wednesday early results …

National Treasure Amber Rose Presents Delightful Guide to Mastering the 'Walk of No Shame' 

Amber Rose is, factually, looking better and having a better time than pretty much everyone. She’s parlayed that into an inspiring public service …

The 10 coolest things happening with augmented reality right now

CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Facebook was exploring augmented reality at Vanity Fair's New Establishment City Summit this week in San Francisco, TechCrunch reported.<p>"Yeah," he immediately replied when asked if augmented reality was a possibility, following up that "it's a bit farther …

Augmented Reality

Who's Your Paranormal Love Match?

If supernatural studs were fair game for humans, would you be with a whimsical and witty elf or a brooding (and very sexy) vampire? Take our quiz and find out what kind of magical love affair you should be having, if (only) mythical fantasies were fact.<p>What's most important to have in a …

13 Best Online Dating Sites for Men

Online dating is no longer considered a “desperate” way to meet women, and the proof is in the fact that 52% of online daters are men and there are …

How to surf for porn with complete anonymity

The Internet Porn Privacy Guide<p>There’s no denying it. Lots of people enjoy watching online porn. Whether they’re watching videos on their favorite …

Fifty Shades of Grey Original Star Charlie Hunnam Explains His “Heartbreaking” Surprise Exit

“It was the most emotionally destructive and difficult thing that I’ve ever had to deal with professionally.”<p>It’s been almost two years since <b>Charlie Hunnam</b> dropped out of <i>Fifty Shades of Grey</i>, the eagerly anticipated <b>E.L. James</b> film adaptation that might have catapulted the <i>Sons of Anarchy</i> actor into …