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One Aussie traveller invented the world's smallest washing machine and changed laundry day forever

Domestic Technology

LEVIS Faucet Concept Is Inspired by Organic Shapes of Leaves and Grass Blades | Cool Gadgets

LEVIS faucet was born out of University project in cooperation with Grohe and Odörfer. This futuristicconcept faucet offers a new way to wash your …

Levi Strauss

Universal Picker Upper For Seniors With Robotic Arm | Cool Gadgets

It’s good to hear from Avi Cohen again, a talented industrial designer who always submit cool projects. This time, he submitted Universal Picker Upper


recoiling plume mudguard has got your back when cycling through the rain

the design keeps water, chemicals and mud off a cyclist’s back, and is made from resistent materials which won’t crack or bend as a result of harsh …


Imagining an arsenal of slick new James Bond gadgets (pictures)

What happens when you ask a group of designers to come up with new gear for 007? You get inventions clever enough to even impress Q.

James Bond

TurnCycle – The Safest Bike Signalling Light

Stay safe will you ride with TurnCycle, the safest bike signalling light. Using standard and traditional hand gestures while you cycle, TurnCycle’s …


KTM Ion Concept Motorcycle for Urban Environment | Cool Gadgets

KTM Ion has been designed to represents KTM’s vision of purity, adventure, performance, and extreme. It’s a modern motorbike for new audience. …


Typhon Hovercraft Concept for Most Types of Terrain | Cool Gadgets

Typhon hovercraft concept is a special designed water transportation to ride on most types of terrain, not just on rivers but also lakes and oceans. …


Fantastic Design Student Experiments from Japan

Whether you’re a DIY woodshop hobbyist, tech-savvy tinkerer or a high-end design enthusiast, create a list of your top 5 gift ideas between now and …

Second Life

METIS: A Solid Wood Desk with Plenty of Storage - Design Milk

METIS is the latest piece to come from WEWOOD, who use expert Portuguese craftsmen when producing their designs. Designed by Gonçalo Campos, the desk …

Aboriginal Canadians

A Folding Table that Sets Up Like a Sniper Rifle and an Office in a Bubble

Whether you’re a DIY woodshop hobbyist, tech-savvy tinkerer or a high-end design enthusiast, create a list of your top 5 gift ideas between now and …

Office Furniture

Desk Organizers, Revisited

As I've noted before, end users working at a desk need a place to store frequently used items such as pens, paper clips and sticky notes—and if the …

Personal Organizing

A Luxury Pen Case


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Cartoon Illustrations completed with Childhood Sweets


Playful and Amazing Food …


Signal Life Jacket Features SOS Balloon for Faster Rescue

Life Jacket is a personal flotation device to keep wearer afloat in water may be either conscious or unconscious. Unfortunately, sometimes, keep its …

Buy: Shelf Loudspeaker

In an attempt to make a passive loudspeaker that not only sounds impeccable but looks beautiful from any angle, new Swiss brand Vonschloo created a conical acoustic cabinet unusually made of composite cement—all of which is cut and shaped by hand. The made-to-order speakers are produced and …


Smart Luggage Design: The Innovation-Packed G-RO

As more and more people travel, more and more people realize their luggage sucks. Draconian airline regulations and delays mean more of us are …

Travel Gear

Misfit Shine 2 Fitness Monitor

Like the original, the Misfit Shine 2 Fitness Monitor tracks your activity. But it also does a whole lot more. It has a 3-axis accelerometer and a …


Why A Man Who Hates Plastic Water Bottles Is Making Plastic Water Bottles

Donald Thomson's water bottle solution? Throw them on the roof.

Donald Thomson, a 56-year-old, Canadian-born builder, entrepreneur, and self-taught designer, launched ‘A’Gua-brand water bottles in Costa Rica earlier this year. But he sees no contradiction in his current endeavor: converting …


Somewhere in a parallel universe lies a civilization of umbrellas that just escaped from earth. I swear, I’ve lost at least 20 umbrellas in my life. …

Parallel Universes

Students in Switzerland built a wheelchair that knows how to climb stairs

(By Jim Drury, Reuters) – An electric wheelchair that can climb most stairs, including spiral staircases, has been developed by Zurich-based students.

The Scalevo Wheelchair can mount one stair per second and was designed by 10 students at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) and …

Makerarm – The First Robotic Arm

Makerarm is the first robotic arm that can make anything, anywhere. Small enough to fit on a desktop, Makerarm has changeable tool-heads that allow …


Mando Footloose IM; Stylish chainless e-bike

Mando Footloose IM, second generation model of stylish chainless e-bike delivers new features to redefine the aesthetic and performance of green …

South Korea

The BeoLab 90 Speakers

Designers at Bang & Olufsen are always searching for more performant technologies and best designs to listen to music. The BeoLab 90 is one of their …

Bang & Olufsen

Inspired By The Fogstand Beetle, Bionic Collects And Stores Water

Living in a developed nation, we sometimes don't realize that water is a scarce necessity for some in less developed countries. The presence of water …

Developed Countries

Move that body!

I’m horrible at skateboarding. I always find myself sitting on the sidewalk while the skateboard rolls away from me. The Blair Bodyskate, however, …

Extreme Sports

Pepsi Perfect from Back to the Future is now a reality

On the 21st of October, 2015, Marty McFly arrived with Doc Brown to bring us all to the Hill Valley of the future. Today one of the most iconic bits …


Nomad Mòltair Carbon Black Watch

Nomad, a Scottish watch brand, uses a global network of collaborators to take the clean lines and sensibilities of Nomad and imbue all of their …

N-gaging, N-riching, N-captivating.

The Mr. N table lamp by Koncept Inc. is so minimal, it’s amazing. At just 7mm thick and 190mm tall, this bent sheet of light is as calming as it’s …