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HERVET-MANUFACTURIER paris hand-crafts luxury furniture using traditional craft techniques

each unique limited edition design draws its formal influences from the geometric boldness of modern architecture.The post HERVET-MANUFACTURIER paris …


somerset bike's oval-shaped frame slides components for convenient folding

somerset bike's oval-shaped frame slides components for convenient folding

somerset bike’s rounded frame glides components for convenient folding
all …

Bicycle Commuting

At IDS16: an affordable, minimal and ergonomic standing desk

It's really all you need in this era of notebook computers.

Life Sciences

The Inventions!


The CrossOver from NextDesk turns nearly any setup into a motorized standing desk

NextDesk is not new to the game when it comes to standing desks. The benefits of not sitting in your chair all day have been well documented by now. However, up until the last year prices were generally too high for most consumers. The latest project from NextDesk aims to change all that by serving …

Standing Desks

Canadian Chef Designs the "Ultimate Cutting Board"

When it comes to newfangled cutting board designs, I'm a fan of the Mocubo, which we covered here. But there's still plenty of room in this market …


Kids' inventions made real: ladybird brollies to skip-rope drones

Michael Rundle


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A self-hovering skipping rope; an umbrella for ladybirds; a pneumatic lift to hoist homes out of the path of war-mongering dictators and a 3D printed hook that can lift out the very last malingering Pringle from the tube.

If CES was this good, …


The 14 coolest gadgets for Generation Z from CES 2016

CES 2016 boasted more than its fair share of wearables, 3D printing, drones and home entertainment, but a category that seems to be infiltrating more floor space each progressive show is technology for kids. With Generation Z or “iGen” being the first-ever to experience tablets, touchscreens and …

Generation Z

This Gadget Can Transform Into Anything You Need

The Droppler measures your water use. But if you need something else, you can easily transform it into a speaker, a camera, or a drone.

When it sits on your bathroom counter, a new device called Droppler measures how much water you're using and gives real-time feedback. But once you've trained …

University Of British Columbia

The Coolest Indiegogo Campaigns This Week: Travel Gadgets Edition

You’ve heard about the hottest backed travel jacket and the self-proclaimed world’s most advanced smart suitcase, but chances are that you haven’t heard about these Indiegogo campaigns. Are they hidden gems that every travel nerd needs to know about, or are they inventions so ahead of their time …


Slip This Tiny Bottle Charger In Your Pocket to Keep Your Phone Refreshed

There’s no law that says a portable charger has to look like a rectangular slab, so why do so many companies insist on sticking with that awkward …


19 Gadgets to Help You Survive the Snow

Winter comes every year. And somehow, every year some of us are caught unawares and unprepared. A few gadgets bought now will last you through at …

Rechargeable Batteries

14 of the most-promising new headphones we listened to at CES 2016


Clever Portable Desks Meant To Increase Comfort And Flexibility

Even though an actual regular desk is usually preferred, there are cases when a portable one is a much better choice. For example, let’s say you …

Standing Desks

D-Twelve Modular Magnetic Lamp

Cool Stuff

A Brilliantly Designed Slimline Transparent Toaster Made From Sustainable Glass and Bamboo

In the first part of his three part sustainable kitchen series, designer James Stumpf of Stumpf Studio has created a brilliant concept toaster that …

UI Design

Vehicle Gadgets - Page 120 » Coolest Gadgets

by Randal

There is something compelling about a car that doesn’t require gasoline. Even before our current gas prices people were tinkering with solar …

Forcite Alpine – Smart Helmet for Snow Sports

Relive each ride down the slopes with Forcite Alpine, the smart helmet for snow sports. This clever helmet takes full advantage of the EON system …

The Kiefer Water Workout Dumbbells turn the pool into a gym

by Caitlyn - on December 1st, 2015

When we’re young, going to the pool means getting to jump into the water, overcoming fears of the high dive, and …


Vehicle Gadgets - Page 71 » Coolest Gadgets

by Mark R

For years, scientists have been looking for ways to achieve human-powered flight. This human-powered hovercraft could be a small step …

One Aussie traveller invented the world’s smallest washing machine and changed laundry day forever

Imagine being able to fit your washing machine into your pocket. For one Aussie guy, the thought of not being able to wash his clothes while on a …

Domestic Technology

LEVIS Faucet Concept Is Inspired by Organic Shapes of Leaves and Grass Blades | Cool Gadgets

LEVIS faucet was born out of University project in cooperation with Grohe and Odörfer. This futuristicconcept faucet offers a new way to wash your …

Universal Picker Upper For Seniors With Robotic Arm | Cool Gadgets

It’s good to hear from Avi Cohen again, a talented industrial designer who always submit cool projects. This time, he submitted Universal Picker Upper

recoiling plume mudguard has got your back when cycling through the rain

the design keeps water, chemicals and mud off a cyclist’s back, and is made from resistent materials which won’t crack or bend as a result of harsh …

Stainless Steel

Imagining an arsenal of slick new James Bond gadgets (pictures)

What happens when you ask a group of designers to come up with new gear for 007? You get inventions clever enough to even impress Q.

James Bond