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Start working smart with these amazing productivity tools

We live in a world where hard work, when not coupled with smart work, is of no use. And, thanks to technology we’ve got so much at our hands that can …

9 Habits Of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People

When emotional intelligence first appeared to the masses, it threw a massive wrench into what many people had always assumed was the sole source of success--IQ.<p>How much of an impact does emotional intelligence (EQ) have on your personal and professional success? The short answer is: a lot! It's a …

Emotional Intelligence


里约奥运会进行得如火如荼,为世人展现了一场视听盛宴。然而体育竞技这种事,观众看到的是运动员在场上令人振奋的种种表现,真正身处其中的人可就未必这么舒爽了。且不说运动场上的各种疲劳与伤病,单是看到拳击运动员被一记老拳正中脸颊,或是体操运动员“Duang”地一下砸在高低杠上,我总是心头一凛,不禁暗自嘀咕,这些人都不疼吗? …

9 small lifestyle changes you can make to get smarter

Just as you can eat healthily and exercise to stay fit, there are a number of simple changes you could be making every day to get your brain working faster, sharpen concentration, strengthen memory, and become more intelligent.<p>Business Insider spoke to the nutritional therapist Naomi Mead, who was …


Mark Zuckerberg:VR 和 AR 将成为 Facebook 未来十年的重头戏

除了进一步扩大 Live Video 的影响力外,在早些时候的 F8 发布会上,Facebook 还花了不少时间,来介绍公司未来十年的计划。在这之中,当下的热门 AR 和 VR 将会扮演非常重要的角色。在现场 Mark Zuckerberg 甚至抒发了一番对 AR 眼镜的畅想(见上图),同时他还介绍了 Facebook 正在开发的双人 VR 游戏,并称自己的孩子日后说不定能通过 VR 跟朋友、家人分享自己学会走路的一刻,而非像他过去那样,只能靠实体的成长纪念册来进行记录。<p>当然,Zuckerberg 也深知这一切「需要很长的时间才能实现」,但随着 Oculus Rift(虽然目前出货有些问题)跟 …

Conspiracy craze: why 12 million Americans believe alien lizards rule us

Psychologists are trying to determine why otherwise rational individuals can make the leap from “prudent paranoia” to illogical conspiracy theories<p>According to a Public Policy Polling survey, around 12 million people in the US believe that interstellar lizards in people suits rule our country. We …



Fukushima #3 - comment est-on contaminé ?

A Litate, à 40 kilomètres de la centrale de Fukushima, la mesure des particules de Césium dans l'air est vitale. Nicolas Foray, radiobiologiste …


Hugh Jackman rescues swimmer and son from rip at Sydney's Bondi beach

Video shows Australian actor bringing swimmer to shore before helping his 15-year-old son in the rough seas<p>Hugh Jackman has engaged in his fair share of on-screen heroics playing the X-men character Wolverine. But the Australian actor is being hailed as a real-life hero after saving his son from …

Yoga Moves to Stabilize Your Knees

Fredy Soberanis<p>Anyone who has ever injured a knee knows that it is a long journey back to a healthy, strong, stable joint, and it's no walk in the …


没想到,Android N 在 Google 内部竟然是这种甜品

上周,Google 冷不丁地带来了 Android N。这个 Android 新版带来的新功能让人颇为期待。<p>不过,新功能之外,Android 新版本发布后,“猜甜品”的传统又怎么能忘呢?<p>在官方正式名称公布之前,我们可以来了解一下 Android N 在 Google 的内部代号,据 Phandroid 的消息,在这儿“N”代表 New York Cheesecake(纽约芝士蛋糕),在 AOSP 库的某些地方已经可以看到“nyc”字样了。当然,这个内部代号并不意味着 Android N 的正式名称也如此。<p>比如,KitKat 的内部代号是 Key Lime Pie;Lollipop 的内部代号是 …

正面杠 Google,百度要去美国测试无人驾驶汽车

一向是 Google 做什么,百度速度跟进的情况再一次发生,继前不久 Google 收购的 DeepMind 旗下 AlphaGo 4:1 战胜前围棋世界第一人李世石后,百度就立马宣布,将在百度外卖中加入人工智能技术。就在今天,百度首席科学家吴恩达在接受《华尔街日报》记者采访的时候宣布,百度很快将会在美国测试百度无人驾驶汽车,并表示将会在 2018 年实现无人驾驶汽车的商用。<p>同时,百度的一些负责该项目的高管还前往美国参议员举证,讨论关于无人驾驶汽车的安全法规以及汽车行业自治的问题,作为汽车行业的参与者,百度想要在美国道路上进行测试,与美国政府采取合作是必须的。<p>百度在硅谷的森尼韦尔 (Sunny …

Is it Cow's Milk Allergy? UK & Ireland

Do Not Drink Cow's Milk.

From Moo to You: The Story of Milk

Why Do We Drink Cow’s Milk?

Do Not Drink Jarsi Cow Milk.Must Watch Exposed By Rajiv Dixit

Shocking truth on cow milk(dairy) consumption for the humans!! Some serious facts!!!!!!!!

"The Harmful Effects of Milk" - Don't Drink Cow's Milk

Cow goes down with milk fever

Stand-out leaders don’t choose, they create

<i>This column is part of Globe Careers' Leadership Lab series, where executives and experts share their views and advice about leadership and management. Follow us at</i> @Globe_Careers<i>. Find all Leadership Lab stories at</i> tgam.ca/leadershiplab<p>How do stand-out leaders create not just a successful future …

16 Ways You're Drinking Water Wrong

If you went several days without drinking water, you’d be in a world of trouble. But the idea that eight glasses a day is optimal—well, that’s soggy …


The 21 most popular novels of the year so far

The beauty of fiction writing is its ability to take the reader into captivating imagined worlds, from fantasy-like environments to tales set back in time.<p>Every year, Amazon pulls together its most popular print books of the year​. Based on sales numbers and updated daily, the list is a good …


Le « newsjacking » ou l’art de la récup’ sur le Web

Utiliser le Net pour surfer sur l’actualité, la détourner pour mieux prouver sa créativité… Les marques se précipitent.