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I stir the cocoa: is the joy of misheard lyrics under threat?

Imaginative earslips have always been part of pop, but can the ease of a quick online reference kill the joy of creative mishearing?<p>I vividly remember the moment of embarrassment. I was young, with an overactive imagination. Well, that’s my excuse. It was the 1980s, the single was in the charts, …

How the cat went domestic: by working smarter, not harder, genes suggest

Domestication appears to have driven changes in genes associated with learning<p>The ordinary house cat, best-known for its sleeping habits and hunting prowess, is smarter than its feral peers, according to scientists who have mapped the cat's genome. An analysis of the the domestic cat genome …

Malcolm Gladwell: Tell People What It's Really Like To Be A Doctor

In last week’s article, Malcolm Gladwell dissected and diagnosed American health care.<p>Throughout our interview, he tackled controversial topics from the Affordable Care Act and medical malpractice to the contrasting Canadian health care system and much more. I expected him to dive deep below the …

Cloned Horse Wins Argentine Polo Open

Cloned ponies (clonies?) are beginning to prove themselves in the field.<p>Polo star Adolfo Cambiaso helped his team win the Argentine National Open this weekend, scoring nine goals in the 16-11 match. Two of those he scored atop a horse named Show Me—a clone, and the first to ride onto the Argentine …

15 Scientific Reasons Spring Is the Most Delightful Season

Summer, winter, and fall may have their fans, but spring is clearly the most lovable of the four seasons. Not convinced? Here are 15 scientific …

University of Michigan

How Rain Helped the Mongols Conquer Asia

In the early 1200s, Genghis Khan united the warring Mongolian tribes into a mobile, efficient military state. Lashing outward in all directions from …

11 Breeds of Dogs That No Longer Exist

What makes a dog breed go extinct? Some are mated out, completely turned into new types of dogs to fit the fashion or function of the day. Others are …

10 Awesome 100-Year-Old Crafts for Kids

At the dawn of the 20th century, middle class children were less likely than at any time in history to spend their days toiling for survival next to …

Aww-Worthy Photos of Tiny Animals on Fingers

<i>Tiny Animals on Fingers</i> is a Flickr set curated by Specklet that delivers exactly what you'd expect–adorable pint-sized creatures resting on mere fingertips. While the diverse breeds of species differ in proportions and physical appearance, they share their tiny stature. These little guys featured …

Cute Animals

Lagoon Aurora

Best space images of the month

Here are some of the most stunning pictures captured during a memorable month in space – from cosmic collisions to soaring satellites.<p>Watch Colin Legg's footage of the Moon Saturn occultation.


10 Clever Ways to Conceal Clutter

Beautiful on the outside, functional on the inside.<p>Beautiful on the outside, functional on the inside.

Interior Design

Fotopedia – Fotopedia is Coming Soon

What 10 Things Should You Do Every Day To Improve Your Life?

Chris Pecoraro—Getty Images<p>Sam Edwards—Getty Images/Caiaimage<p>Jetta Productions—Getty Images<p>by nacoki ( MEDIA ARC )—Getty Images/Flickr RF<p>Reza …

The Elegant Secrets Of Flying Snakes

Flying snakes are mysterious. How do they soar? Without wings or other helpful appendages, how do they glide from tree to tree?<p>A team of American scientists, including Lorena Barba of George Washington University and Jake Socha of Virginia Tech, has been studying the small flying snake – about a …

Damyang Bamboo Fo

The complete guide to listening to music at work

If you’re reading this article at work, there’s a decent chance you’re wearing headphones.<p>It has never been easier to tune in to your own customized soundtrack—or more necessary to tune out your open-office coworkers, cubicle mates, and fellow coffee-shop denizens. But not all music is created …


23 Children's Books You Need To Read Again As An Adult

With help from The New York Public Library's Youth Materials Specialist, Betsy Bird, we put together a list of 23 books worth giving a second read.


Extremely Rare Star Wars Movie Posters You've Never Seen

The original Star Wars trilogy was (and remains) a worldwide phenomenon, George Lucas's interstellar tale of good vs evil captured the imagination of …

Japan in the 1950s

After Japan surrendered in 1945, ending World War II, Allied forces led by the United States occupied the nation, bringing drastic changes. Japan was disarmed, its empire dissolved, its form of government changed to a democracy, and its economy and education system reorganized and rebuilt. Years of …

6 Mysterious Airplane Disappearances in Aviation History

The shocking disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has captured the attention of millions around the world as the search for the airplane …

Thinking of celebrating St. Patrick's Day? Here is a guide, chock full of ideas for decor, food and music -->

Gut bacteria may be best defense against nasty germs - Futurity

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are on the rise, but research suggests that "good" gut bacteria may be the best defense against harmful bugs.

New Commander's Historic Role

A Discussion About Space Exploration

10 of the Maddest Scientists Who Ever Lived

From guzzling bacteria to dueling for mathematics, these scientists pulled some of the craziest stunts in the history of the profession.<p>What would you do for science? These scientists gave everything you had to achieve some of the most important advances we know today. From guzzling bacteria to …

Indiana Jones

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The Civil War In Color

Source: The Daily Mail<p>The American Civil War took place between 1861 and 1865 after rifts between the slave-owning, anti-federalist South and the and …

Modern Scientists Validate Alan Turing's Theory About Biology

The creator of the Turing test was adept at all kinds of science.<p>Less than two years before he died, famed computer scientist Alan Turing wrote a biochemistry paper. Called "The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis," Turing theorized about how cells change and develop. Now, 60 years later, a team of …