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Who loves leg day ... But...

Team work makes the dream work. Do you have a fitness partner that inspires you to achieve more from yourself? Tag them! #BeAVisionary #GymShark #GymSharkWomen

A great Sunday morning session ruined this morning by someone bicep curling in the squat rack...#mostannoyingthingever

Anyone ever get fed up takin tablets? Me neither 😆 could probably do with taking a few more! 😋

TONIGHT 5:30pm we have our good friend and nutritionist @bencoomber on the channel with us & we're talking all things Vegan & Vegetarian. More & more people are choosing vegan and vegetarian lifestyles for ethical reasons, health reasons & even just because their favourite celebrities are doing it. These may well be the best lifestyle choices for you however we'd suggest you choose them for your own reasons. As with ALL lifestyle choices they have their pro's and con's so we are highlighting a few in this video so you can take note & be optimally healthy with your chosen lifestyle. There is no wrongs or rights here guys it's all about making sure everyone gets the most from their health. SEE YOU AT 5:30pm