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Latino Muslims Live Their Lives At The Intersection Of Three Cultures

Like other Americans, Shafiq Alvarado was horrified by the events of 9/11. But living in Los Angeles, he felt a bit removed from their impact.<p>That is, until he received a phone call from the FBI, saying they wanted to meet with him. Alvarado agreed. “Next thing I knew, I was eating lunch with an …


16 Trends in American Churches in 2016: Trends 9 to 16

<i>In my previous post, I shared trends 1 to 8. Today, I conclude with trends 9 to 16. Here is the introduction I wrote to the earlier post.</i>I have been …


The 49 Most Powerful Images From Latin America In 2015

A visual journey through what happened this year in this part of the world.

Donald Trump supporter wants to burn a black man alive: “Light the motherf**ker on fire”

The horror at a Trump rally in Las Vegas last night has been nurtured by Fox News for years<p>Donald Trump and his supporters are a mirror for the worst part of the right-wing political id.<p>Last night during a pre-debate rally in Las Vegas, Donald Trump supporters assailed Black Lives Matter …

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Shredded Abs Without Ab Exercises

Some think they need to perform thousands of sit-ups and crunches to get their abs to pop. It’s what bodybuilders do, and they have shredded abs, but …

Hugh Jackman: ‘I’m a Christian … Before I Go Onstage Every Night, I Pause and Dedicate the Performance to God’

When actor Hugh Jackman takes on the role of Paul in the upcoming biblical epic <i>Apostle Paul</i>, he’ll be performing material that he’s already …

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The Single Biggest Mistake You’re Making At The Airport

By and large, airplane travel is one of the most stressful, unpleasant routines we put ourselves through.<p>While there isn't much you can do about crammed leg room or delayed flights, there is one major improvement you can make. It starts by getting yourself out of ridiculously long security …


The 10 most important things in the world right now

<b>Good morning! Here's what you need to know on Tuesday.</b><p><b>1. A majority of Republicans in a recent poll support Donald Trump's proposal for a "total and complete shutdown" of Muslims entering the US.</b><p><b>2. Monday night saw the world premiere of the new "Star Wars" movie, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," in</b> …

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What's the best experience you've had while travelling that makes a memorable travel tale? #travelquote

7 things millennials are looking for at work

Things millennials are looking for at work<p>Millennials face a number of misconceptions in the workplace. Are they really all buried in their …

16 Trends in American Churches in 2016: Trends 1 to 8

I have been writing on trends in churches for two decades. I certainly don’t have a perfect record with my predictions, but my overall record is …


Syrian refugee families arrive in Texas and Indiana despite governors' protests

Greg Abbott and Mike Pence among more than two dozen Republican governors who said they would refuse new refugees after Paris attacks in November<p>Syrian refugee families have arrived in Texas and Indiana, defying efforts by the governors of those conservative US states to stop their arrival.<p>A Syrian …


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This Is the Healthiest Condiment According to Science

This Is the Healthiest Condiment According to ScienceITALY - MARCH 24: Spicy chili, Salento, Apulia, Italy. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)De …

Cancer Cells