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A Jellyfish Explosion - Blog @

Grouping together in the thousands moon jellies descend on Alaska’s waterways!


Above NYC - Filmed in 12K - Blog @

This is some totally cool footage of New York City from above. Filmed in 12k. So go full screen and full resolution.

New York City

Stig Pryds freediving in the Lotus position - Blog @

Freediver Stig Pryds attempts the world's deepest lotus in Nemo33, a 33 meter deep pool, cause, why not.

Extreme Sports

Myanmar hills embrace silkworms over poppies

With the price of opium falling, Myanmar farmers are turning to other crops like silkworms to turn a quicker profit.


Commodity City - Blog @

Commodity City is an observational documentary exploring the daily lives of vendors who work in the largest wholesale consumer market in the world: …


One Week With 1UP - Trailer - Blog @

1UP is a German graffiti collective and these guys (and girls) are fast. Very fast.<br>Photographer Martha Cooper joined them for one week and is …


Palestinians protest U.S. embassy move

Israeli troops shot dead at least 58 Palestinian protesters on the Gaza border when the high-profile opening of the U.S. embassy to Israel in …

Trump Administration

The Photos Of 2018 Week 19

Here's our weekly round up of some of the best and most newsworthy photos from the past seven days.

Saudi Arabia by Drone - Blog @

Saudi Arabia is not top of my list as a vacation destination, but Gab Scanu and his drone are showing us we might need to consider making a visit.

Saudi Arabia

Totally Cool Squid Captured in Gulf of Mexico - Blog @

The experts called this squid “probably the most bizarre squid I’ve ever seen,”.<br>Who are we to argue with that.

Gulf of Mexico

Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano erupts

Thousands of residents on Hawaii's Big Island have evacuated their homes as eruptions linked to the Kilauea volcano increase.


Tequila boom rooted in traditional farming techniques

A growing thirst for tequila from New York to Tokyo has made the sale of the drink into a multibillion-dollar industry, but its production remains …


Aerial Video of Homes Hit by Lava from Volcano in Hawaii - Blog @

There is just no stopping a river of lava when it comes your way. Dramatic and amazing images from Hawaii.


The Photos Of 2018 Week 18

Here's our weekly round up of some of the best and most newsworthy photos from the past seven days.

Where Harry and Meghan’s love blossomed in Botswana

We'll do away with the sappy love story and just concentrate on the amazing flora and fauna of Botswana.

Love Stories

China’s Lisu aim to save crossbow culture

For many Lisu, a mostly Christian minority that inhabit the border region with Myanmar, the crossbow is an indispensable part of their culture dating …


World of Warcraft comes to life

Fans of 'World of Warcraft' bring the computer game into the real world in a Czech Republic forest.

World of Warcraft

Tulip Fields by Jon van Dijk - Blog @

A lot of people think tulips are originally from The Netherlands, but they are in fact from Turkey. However, the Dutch have perfected growing them …


Turkey’s Eastern Express puts romance back on tracks

All aboard the Eastern Express, a leisurely 24-hour train ride through farmland, woods and mountains across eastern Turkey that has become popular …

Social Media

Flower fields of Carlsbad

Nearly fifty acres of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers bloom for approximately six to eight weeks each year in Carlsbad, California.


The Antarctic by Drone - Blog @

It's always good to explore new areas of the planet. To appreciate their beauty and complexity.<br>This time we're taking you to Antarctic.


The Photos Of 2018 Week 17

Here's our weekly round up of some of the best and most newsworthy photos from the past seven days.

Crayons get Crushed - Blog @

The Hydraulic Press Channel has been squashing, crushing and squeezing things for years. This past weekend crushed some non-newtonian fluid and some …


Scars begin to heal a decade after Sichuan quake

A decade after a massive earthquake rocked China's southwestern province of Sichuan, killing almost 70,000 people, the scars have begun to heal.

Natural Disasters

Tsukiji Fish Market by Federico Bonifazi - Blog @

I visited the Tsukiji Fish market in Tokyo last year. Twice in fact. It is not as open en friendly as some might suggest it is in their travel …


White nationalist rally in Georgia

Supporters of the National Socialist Movement, a white nationalist political group, gave Nazi salutes while taking part in a swastika burning at an …


Great Wall of China in the mist by Andres Gallardo Albajar - Blog @

The Great Wall of China can be seen from space, but it is often so crowded there with tourists space is hard to find.<br>Photographer Andres Gallardo …

Great Wall of China

Inside Chernobyl

Scenes inside the Ukrainian power plant more than 30 years after a nuclear disaster permanently poisoned swathes of eastern Europe.

Eastern Europe

The Photos Of 2018 Week 16

Here's our weekly round up of some of the best and most newsworthy photos from the past seven days.

Festival brings fans to scandal-hit sumo wrestling

As the ancient sport looks to move on from a raft of negative publicity, sumo fanatics and tourists alike flocked to the Spring Festival sumo …

Martial Arts