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13 Serial Killers Who Inspired Some Seriously Sick Movies and TV Shows

When it comes to finding inspiration for scary movies, it turns out that the truth is not only stranger than fiction but also a hell of a lot grislier. Hollywood frequently turns to the world's most prolific serial killers for inspiration, feeding pop culture's fascination with these real-life …

What Urban Legends And Spooky Stories Scared You As A Kid?

Tell us what ~haunts~ you.

Urban Legends

20 Little-Known Facts About Sharon Tate, the Tragic Manson Family Victim

Today, Sharon Tate is mostly known for her manner of death. The young woman was brutally murdered, while eight months pregnant, by acolytes of the …

Sharon Tate

New David Paulides More Evidence of Strange Disappearances [FULL VIDEO]

10 Mysterious Disappearances That Can't Be Explained