Three steps forward

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I was so close to 3km in half an hour! That's such a big deal for me because I tried my hardest at running as much as I could and I know I will get better and better! My goal for today is to reach 3km and I'm definitely going to try my hardest and pump it out! I'm so excited. I'm in such a mentally good space now in terms of happiness and health. I joined the gym on the first of June and today will be my 3rd time, I've made a schedule and set myself little goals to achieve to keep myself motivated! I have definitely been breaking a good sweat in doing this! And the best news of all, I've lost 4kgs ☺️😍 -Panda

Today I got to experience the gym for the first time, and I thought I'd share this in adventure because of this reason. Me and Panda hit the gym after uni and did a cardio set, ran on the treadmill for 28 minutes and pulled a 3.4km run. Running on a treadmill was so much more fun and harder than I anticipated. I've only run on a treadmill a few times before and hadn't experienced it in a long time. Being able to make yourself hold a pace and being and able to see the km's go up and the time was a nice feeling, being to physically see progress. Another thing I enjoyed about the gym was that I didn't have to run in the cold, smallest details added up and hitting the gym was nice to break a sweat and feel like I had accomplished something for the day, in a way I had never done before. It was a great first time and hitting the gym with Panda made it so much better, both progressing in our journey. - Mermaid

Spinach Bacon Feta Olive Oil Avocado Walnuts Extra(s): Green tea on the side

Curry - Kumara, potato, carrot, onion, garlic - seasoned with - curry powder, salt, pepper, oil, Moroccan Salad - celery, tomato, capsicum - seasoned with - paprika All ingredients fried in a pan and Bon appetite