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The Bitter Fight Over the Benefits of Bilingualism

For decades, some psychologists have claimed that bilinguals have better mental control. Their work is now being called into question.<p>In one of his sketches, comedian Eddie Izzard talks about how English speakers see bilingualism: “Two languages in one head? No one can live at that speed! Good …


Watch Paper Gazelles Gallop Across a Desktop Savannah

Origami-style animals spring to life in this animation.<p>Most charitable campaigns are designed to hit a few easy emotions, like those Sarah MaLachlan-scored ASPCA ads with the incredibly sad abused animals. They're effective—everyone's reduced to a sniffling puddle of tears and kleenex by the end of …

Are Those Really Alien Megastructures? How Astronomers Plan To Investigate

There's something weird happening around a faraway star.<p>Skywatchers have noticed something "bizarre" in the data from the planet-hunting Kepler telescope. Located 1,480 light-years away, a star named KIC 8462852 has something big circling around it, and it's not a planet.<p>Usually when a planet …


To Cool Off, This Fish Leaves the Water


Space Archaeologists Search For Dead Alien Civilizations

Extraterrestrial life might exist, but there’s no guarantee that it hasn’t destroyed itself. Here’s how to detect an apocalypse on another world.<p>Archaeology has gone interstellar.<p>The peculiar behavior of KIC 8462852—a star 1,500 light-years from Earth that is prone to irregular dimming—has prompted …


A 17-Year-Old Created This Insanely Detailed "Map Of Stereotypes"

No offence, but this is brilliant. Via Martin Vargic.


The 12 most innovative countries in the world

But for that to happen, a country must create an environment conducive to creative activity that is supported by both the public and private sectors.<p>More concretely, we're talking about having high-quality scientific research institutions, sufficient investment in research and development, and …

A 15-minute online quiz can give you a scientifically accurate assessment of your personality

Getty Images/Matt Cardy<p>Human personality is fantastically complex, which is why personality tests that try to shoehorn a person into binary, defined …


What's At The Edge Of A Cloud?

Scientists have just made a breakthrough in understanding how clouds interact with the surrounding air by studying some of the most boring clouds you can imagine in unprecedented detail.<p>"If you ask a child to draw a cloud they would draw a white puffy cloud floating in the air all by itself — and …

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