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Sidste gang Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea gav koncert i København med deres historiske duosamarbejde var i 1977 - to år før Copenhagen Jazz Festival fandt sted for første gang. Fotograf Torben Christensen var til stede og fik lov til at tage billeder til lydprøven. Men hvor fandt koncerten sted? #cphjazz #jazzquiz #coreahancock #herbiehancock #chickcorea #soldout #drkoncerthuset #torbenchristensen #tbt #throwback

Disrupting Yourself

If you aren’t disrupting yourself, someone else is. In this post, I want to teach you about a powerful tool you can use to disrupt yourself. Your …

Clayton Christensen’s Theory of Disruption

What business has learned from Clayton Christensen.<p>“You can tell from the way I speak I had a stroke about eighteen months ago. I’ve been learning how to speak English again, and you’ll see I still can’t come up with the right words sometimes.” The most influential business thinker on earth looked …

At 90, She's Designing Tech For Aging Boomers

In Silicon Valley's youth-obsessed culture, 40-year-olds get plastic surgery to fit in. But IDEO, the firm that famously developed the first mouse for Apple, has a 90-year-old designer on staff.<p>Barbara Beskind says her age is an advantage.<p>"Everybody who ages is going to be their own …

A Systems Story (Systems Thinking)