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About our Editor, and Chief Correspondent for Military and International Affairs, Colonel Walter E. Kurtz (retired).After killing or turning several CIA/Deep State assassins, Colonel Kurtz went off the grid after he faked his death during the filming of a documentary film that was later edited and released as fiction, the movie Apocalypse Now.After decades of roaming the globe, investigating and making secret contacts, The Colonel has joined the team of The Philthy Times, as Editor In Chief.Contact us if you have a question or topic of interest for Colonel Kurtz, but don't feel bad if he does not respond, The Colonel is notoriously moody and he works in spurts and disappears altogether for various amounts of time."We live...in Philthy Times. Philthy times, require Philthy measures. Be Philthy, and spread the Philthiness, my Philthy friends."Colonel Walter E. KurtzSpread the PhilthinessTweetTweet

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