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High Five !


Lazy Luxx !

Zombie Luxx

Happy Halloween ?

The Luxx taken on my iPad, she's staring down at me while I lie in bed I think she wants me to get up 😼!

Monkey and The Luxx 🐵🐱!

Drinking Cider with The Luxx 🍺😺😲!

The Luxx and her #Shadow !

Sleepy Luxx !

Yawning again 🙀!

The Luxx sitting in the sunny warm September garden ☀️😺!

Attack !!! 😾😟! ( She's not always a little princess )

General Spidrax and The Luxx 😼!

I was tagged by @theapet3 and a while ago by @psyca to say 20 things about me so here it is 1) My name is The Luxx. 2) I got my name as my Human got me after staying in The Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas that is Egyptian themed and I look like an Egyptian Goddess he just changed the name a bit. 3) I was born on May 16th 2003. 4) I was born and live in England. 5) I am a very fussy cat and like things my way if not I scream till I get things my way, I have trained my Human well. 6) I'm a bit obsessive compulsive and have to do things in a certain way. 7) Before I sit on my Humans knee at night I have to walk around the settee at least twice some times 6 times. 8) At night I must go to sleep touching my Human normally a hand or foot. 9) I normally settle down in bed then get up and walk away, my Human must then call me back I do this 2 or 3 times before I will actually settle down. 10) I am only allowed in the garden when my Human is about. 11) I never try to get out of the garden. 12) When I was young I got out of the garden and had a bad experience my Human rescued me, so I now stay in the garden. 13) I am very fussy about going toilet and have 2 litter trays. 14) I will never go to toilet in the garden. 15) Some times I don't like going toilet alone, so I scream till my Human comes and stands next to me. 16) I am a very friendly cat and love to meet people. 17) I am a very fussy eater only the best cat food will do. 18) My favourite treat is Pork Scratchings I know they are bad for me but I don't have them often. 19) I get exited and want to play when my Human plays loud music. 20) I love to lie on my back with my legs in the air and having my tummy tickled 😸!

Young Luxx 2004


The Luxx and Monkey !

The Luxx

DJ Mauce

Flying Cat

Scaredy Cat

Heinecat !

Amigos !

The Luxx

The Luxx

Biere de Luxx !

The Luxx

The Luxx

The Luxx