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Costa Rica

Pluto's Heart-Shaped Landscape Is Weirder Than We Thought

Pics captured by New Horizons from just 48,000 miles away reveal the strange alien world<p>NASA's New Horizons spacecraft completed its flyby of Pluto three days ago, but the most incredible views of the dwarf planet are just coming to light now.<p>On Friday afternoon, NASA released new close-up imagery …

Solar System

Life on Mars: when will humans live on the Red Planet?

Fifty years after the first close-up images of Mars, Rosa Silverman speaks to the science writer who believes there will be life on Mars before the 21st century ends<p>The human race was able to view the furthest reaches of the solar system in high-definition glory this week, as Nasa’s New Horizons …

Costa Rica

Update on mission to asteroid Bennu

NASA’s OSIRIS-Rex mission is on target for a 2016 launch to near-Earth asteroid Bennu. It will reach Bennu in 2018 and return samples to Earth in …

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What does a pentaquark mean for you?

Almost - but not quite - buried on the icy plains of Pluto this week, the Large Hadron Collider revealed a completely new type of particle. What does that tell us?<p>Perhaps the first thing it tells us is that scientists at CERN are more focused on their results than on the attendant publicity, …


Did Humans Or Neanderthals Make These Cave Paintings?