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Star War's Darth Vader Mask Apple Watch Band (38mm) Case by BluedarkArt | Casetify

Darth Vader

About intensity vs. consistency — and more UX links this week

<b>About intensity vs. consistency — and more UX links this week</b><p>A weekly collection of UX links, brought to you by your friends at the UX Collective.<p>If …

UX Design

The Rules of Regramming

So you want to re-post an Instagram photo. Maybe it's a group shot from your college reunion published by one of your friends, or maybe it's a meme …

Social Media

MSS - Program

written by<p>Allison Linn<p>t Microsoft’s research labs around the world, computer scientists, programmers, engineers and other experts are trying to crack …

Machine Learning

Your Analytics Program is Not Ready for Machine Learning

If you are like most organizations, your analytics program is not ready for advanced analytics technologies such as machine learning. Here are a few …

Machine Learning

The Battery Boost We’ve Been Waiting for Is Only a Few Years Out

Batteries that power our modern world are expected to get a jump in storage capacity of 30% or more<p>The batteries that power our modern world—from phones to drones to electric cars—will soon experience something not heard of in years: Their capacity to store electricity will jump by double-digit …

Clean Energy

The big conversations on AI and design at SXSW 2018 | Digital McKinsey

March 16, 2018 – <i>by Jason Napolitano</i><p>As thousands descended upon the South by Southwest (SXSW) 2018 Conference this year to catch a glimpse of the …

UX Design

Every Roku and Fire TV Should Come With This Accessory – But They Don’t, so Get One on Amazon

If you love your Fire or Roku TV, but aren’t fond of the fact that both require you to rely on two separate remotes, read ahead. <i>Boy Genius Report</i> has …

Smart TV

L'Oreal buys an augmented reality beauty app maker

Makeup empire L'Oreal wants to promote its huge collection of brands the high-tech way, so it's buying Modiface to make that happen. It's now in the process of acquiring the beauty tech company, which has been teaming up with big cosmetics brands for over a decade to create augmented reality apps …

Augmented Reality

Xamarin Android: Working with material design TabLayout and ViewPager

Microsoft Corporation

Experience Designers as Producers

An interview with Carola Verschoor<p>What is Experience Design?<p><i>The key value that experience design brings is its integrative synthesis, through</i> …

UX Design

Design for Social Impact Series

<b>Design for Social Impact Workshop Series</b><br>The Design for Social Impact workshops are a series of four workshops that focus on learning new methods to …

UX Design

Robots roll their way into hospitals

Visitors to a newly-inaugurated healthcare facility in the city were pleasantly surprised when greeted by a robot, a doctor assistant in the hospital …

Digital Health

How to fix smartphone ‘shaky cam’

Other stabilisers that have come to market include Zhiyun-Tech's Smooth Q 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal ($149); the EVO SHIFT 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal …

Gear & Gadgets

The Best Racing Games for PS4, Xbox One and Switch

Consumer Tech

Getting Ready for the AWS Quest Finale on Twitch | Amazon Web Services

Whew! March has been one crazy month for me and it is only half over. After a week with my wife in the Caribbean, we hopped on a non-stop Seattle to …

Cloud Computing

Man is trying to access the phone using the personal identification method of face recognition

Machine Perception

10 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Walk

You want to walk, but how do you get yourself out the door or onto the treadmill? That's the toughest challenge many people face. If you are a …

Apple Watch

Unlock the Value: From Data Quality to Artificial Intelligence

Data quality, data privacy, and advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, neural networks, and more, are of top concern to data analytics …

Machine Learning

Card Sorting: Uncover Users' Mental Models for Better Information Architecture

<b>Choose a set of topics.</b> The set should include 40­–80 items that represent the main content on the site. Write each topic on an individual index …

UX Design

Use Machine Learning for Managing IT Operations

<b>Scott Mcneil, Product Marketing Analyst, Oracle Management Cloud</b><p>In today’s fast-paced market, every business is looking for ways to improve …

Machine Learning

VR is still a novelty, but Google's new app could make it serious art

I recently got a private tour of a NASA space shuttle's cockpit, a quirky mosaic-covered LA home, and a peaceful chapel with light streaming through ornate stained-glass windows — all without leaving my chair.<p>That chair was in an office at Google's Silicon Valley headquarters, and I was wearing an …

Virtual Reality

Technology Intelligence: A major new journalism initiative from the Telegraph

Technology Intelligence is a major new journalism initiative from the Telegraph.<p>Launching today, our mission is to chronicle for our audience the technological revolution going on around us, and to campaign to harness it to ensure that Britain’s society and economy are retooled for the challenges …

Artificial Intelligence

5 reasons why the sluggish robot revolution is about to speed up

For years, futurists have been warning anyone who will listen about the impending robot uprising. It's 2018 — so where are all the robots? Although we still don't have robot butlers in every house, small, single-function robots are everywhere. The real question is, where are all the <i>intelligent</i> …


Insurance shoppers gain new service channel with artificial intelligence chatbot

Major auto insurance provider Progressive may be best known for Flo, its iconic spokesperson. The company wanted to take advantage of customers’ …

Artificial Intelligence

FedEx Follows Amazon Into the Robotic Future

KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — As soon as the first robot arrived at a FedEx shipping hub in the heart of North Carolina tobacco country early last year, talk of pink slips was in the air.<p>Workers had been driving the “tuggers” that navigated large and irregular items across the vast concrete floor of the …

UNC Chapel Hill

Volvo Owner Customizes Door Chime To Play Toto's Africa Every Time The Door Opens

It would take a lot to take me away from my car if the door played Toto's Africa instead of chiming whenever it was open, and I'd probably go through …

Home Automation

Four Pillars of Modern Enterprise IT

As software disrupts the market, there is tremendous pressure on enterprises, including the laggards, to modernize and innovate. Enterprise IT …


18 Amazing Tricks Only Netflix Pros Know

Spend a good portion of your free time cuddled up in front of Netflix? Hey, us too! You'd think all those minutes in front of the screen would …


People are accidentally setting off Apple’s Emergency SOS alert

It’s awkward<p>If you sleep on your Apple Watch the wrong way, you might get a wake-up call from the police. That’s what happened to Jason Rowley, who tweeted about the incident earlier this week. Using his watch as a sleep tracker, he ended up holding down the crown button to trigger an emergency …