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10 signs you aren't cut out to be a cybersecurity specialist

A career as a cybersecurity specialist requires more than just technical skills. Cybersecurity professionals also tend to have specific …

Loupedeck+ Lightroom console now offering more for creatives

Loupedeck has been a solid tool for Lightroom users, but now the company is looking to expand its reach.<p>Finnish company Loupedeck, reached out to me …

Photo Editing

CIO Jury: 58% of tech leaders don't think the iPhone XS is a good smartphone for business

Tech leaders said high cost and lack of stylus support for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max deters enterprise adoption.<p>On Friday, Apple's new iPhone …


How to edit videos using the free Microsoft Windows 10 Photos app

With the Fall Creators Update, Windows 10 added sophisticated video editing features, only to hide those features inside the Photos app. Here's how …

Windows 10

Editing videos using the free Microsoft Windows 10 Photos app

Here's how you can access Windows 10 sophisticated video editing features.

Windows 10

Microsoft brings AI and AR to Dynamics 365 to reinvent sales, customer service, marketing

Business users will get more intelligent insights and contextual cues when working on the platform.<p>Microsoft is bringing artificial intelligence (AI) …

Customer Service

17 ways to recycle or sell your smartphone

There's value in your old smartphone, whether it's from Apple, Samsung or another manufacturer. Find out who wants it, and how much it's worth.<p>When …

IPhone 8

The best ways to recycle or sell a used smartphone

When you're ready to buy a new smartphone, don't stash your old one in a drawer. Sell it or donate it to charity. Here's how to do it.


You can now trade oil and wheat on the blockchain, as commodities hit the platform

In an effort to increase transparency and prevent fraud, blockchain may be the next platform for trading goods.<p>Global banks and trading firms are …


How Vodafone plans to bring holographic conference calls to UK with 1,000 5G sites

The 5G sites will be up by 2020, bringing speeds that can power new business cases such as connected cars, factories, and cities.<p>Vodafone plans to …

Lake District

Gmail's Smart Reply is an example of what real AI will look like for frontline workers

Google is rolling out Smart Reply to its 1.4 billion Gmail accounts, showing how artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing a stronger …

Google News

Why Alibaba's deal with MariaDB might open up a new front in the cloud wars

Alibaba is the first cloud to play nicely with an open source business. Is this a pattern for the future?<p>As the world shifts from buying software to …


Top ten features in the Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Windows 10 October 2018 Update<p>After three years of feature updates every six months, Windows 10 continues to add new features and improve existing …

Windows 10

Top 5 ways AI can get you work

Some are scared that AI will take away jobs, but it might also create new ones, says TechRepublic's Tom Merritt<p>A lot of people are justifiably …


Top 5 ways to block spam calls

Those annoying spam calls are on the rise, but TechRepublic's Tom Merritt has 5 solutions<p>Scam Likely, Blocked Number, a message in Chinese. Sound …


Top 5 riskiest airport Wi-Fi

Traveling's risky enough with delays, and security lines and more. But you may not realize you're at risk from the WiFi. You need it to get things …


How to install PlayOnLinux in Ubuntu Desktop 18.04

If you need to install a Windows desktop app on Linux, your best bet is PlayOnLinux.<p>One of the reasons why some users don't opt for Linux is because …


A super easy way to generate new records from multi-value columns using Excel Power Query

Have a complex Excel problem? Power Query to the rescue!<p>Analyzing data often means spending more time getting and cleaning up data than analyzing it. …


How to use Location Sharing in Android Pie

Jack Wallen shows you how to work with the Android Location Sharing feature in the latest iteration of the platform.<p>Location sharing is an important …

Android Pie

Using Location Sharing in Android Pie

Jack Wallen shows you how the Android Location Sharing feature works.

Android Pie

New Echo devices and more: Everything Amazon announced

Wall clock? Microwave? Amazon expands its line of Alexa-enabled devices while refreshing its smart speaker lineup.<p><i>This article originally appeared on</i> …

Smart Homes

Verizon's see 5G as game changer for public safety and transportation

At MWC Americas 2018, TechRepublic spoke with Sean Harrington, VP City Solutions at Verizon, about how Verizon's 5G network will affect …

Los Angeles

Six cloud-based integrated management services that could transform your small business

Cloud-based management software provides a significant competitive advantage for small businesses, but finding the most effective service can be …


DARPA wants to find out if AI can optimize the wireless spectrum

At MWC Americas 2018, TechRepublic spoke with Paul Tilghman, Program Manager at DARPA, about the agency's Spectrum Collaboration Challenge, which is …

Artificial Intelligence

​Five key points for every SLA

How IT managers can stay on top of their cloud vendor's performance.<p>A 2018 Rightscale survey reveals that 96% of respondents use cloud technology in …

Customer Service

How to clear storage space on your PC for Windows 10 updates

Windows Update initializations may fail in thin clients or embedded systems with full storage.<p>Running OS updates on your devices is a great way to …

Windows 10

The Linux Code of Conduct is long overdue

Why IT and development should follow in Linus Torvalds's footsteps and adopt an always-do-better creed, even if it means stepping away from Linux …

Codes of Conduct

Account takeover attacks ramping up, leading to explosion of phishing

ATO attacks steal a person's credentials and use them to send emails from their account, according to a recent Barracuda Networks report.<p>Account …


How do I downgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 7?

TechRepublic member Jack_Johnson118 wants to downgrade Windows 10 back to Windows 7, but is not sure how to do this. Can you help this fellow member …

Windows 10

How Avalara helps companies navigate complex telecom taxes for IoT services like in-car calling and telematics

At MWC Americas 2018, TechRepublic spoke with Tony Susak, GM of Telecommunications at Avalara, about the company's SaaS solution, which companies …