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Lefty The Pit Bull Takes Bullet For Owner; Community Raises Money For Amputation (PHOTOS)

When Lefty arrived at Atlantic Animal Hospital, she'd just been hit with a bullet.<p>Four intruders had entered the pit bull's family's house in the middle of the night on July 22, reported. One suspect allegedly tried to shoot her "dad," but Lefty jumped in the way and the bullet hit …

Protective Pit Bull Saves 8-Year-Old Boy From Swarm Of Bees

A pit bull this week was credited with rescuing an 8-year-old Oregon boy from a swarm of angry bees.<p>According to local news outlet KPTV, Jesse-Cole Shaver on Tuesday was playing with a group of children near a creek in Oregon City when one of the kids stepped on a rotting log, disturbing a beehive …

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