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Tributes to Muhammad Ali in Pictures

Muhammad Ali

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The Happiest Part Of Your Vacation Isn't What You Think

How about that?<p>When we imagine the most blissful part of our vacation, we picture ourselves sipping coconut cocktails at a barefoot bar or stumbling across an enchanting waterfall.<p>But the happiest part of your vacation actually happens way before you ever step foot in your destination.<p>According to …

E3 2016 hosts a celebration of the year's greatest game art | Polygon

The annual Into the Pixel show returns<p>For the past 12 years, the Entertainment Software Association has been highlighting the most beautiful games of the year.<p>While the organization is best known for hosting industry events like E3 and tracking gaming trends, the ESA also puts on the Into the Pixel …

The Witcher

Why I Stopped Waiting: 3 Ways to Be Happy Now

Thinking back to a few years ago, when I believed that my happiness would come on the following terms:<p>When I met the man of my dreams,<br>• When I had more money and the business I always dreamed,<p>I realized I was literally waiting to live. It always felt like I was in a constant state of waiting and that …

Why Can't We Figure Out How to Be Happy?

It shouldn't be this hard, but, yeah, it is.<p>Practice makes perfect—T-ball wisdom for the ages.<p>Happiness, as far as anyone can tell, is no exception.<p><i>The New York Times</i> ran an op-ed this Sunday arguing that advising someone to be his or her most authentic self is kind of bullshit. "Just be …

How to Balance Ambition and Happiness: 5 Tips

Too much ambition makes life miserable, too little makes it meaningless. Here's how to strike a balance.<p>Many people believe that success will make them happy. But science shows that it's the other way around.<p>Being happy seems to increase your chances of success, while study after study indicates …

Mark Zuckerberg

Rainbow Six Siege Is Banning Cheaters on Their First Offense

Ubisoft today announced that it's taking serious measures against Rainbow Six Siege cheaters. As of today, June 7, Ubisoft will permanently ban people on their first offense for cheating or hacking.<p>"The presence of cheating in the game is something we take very seriously, and is a priority on the …

Watch Dogs 2 ad leaks before official reveal livestream

A Trailer for Watch Dogs 2 seems to have leaked on Twitch ahead of the official reveal later today.

Watch Dogs (Video Game)

Super Mario Bros movie: director looks back on what went wrong

Nintendo is only now cautiously exploring bringing more of its characters to the movies, and part of the reason is arguably given how it got its …

Xbox at E3 2016: Microsoft’s new console(s), HoloLens, games, and what else to expect

Remember E3 2006? Ten years ago, Microsoft shared its roadmap for the still young Xbox 360 with a list of big-name titles, including the first <i>Gears of War</i>, <i>Crackdown</i>, and <i>Forza Motorsport 2</i>.<p>The Xbox 360 era was very good for Microsoft. Now that it's the underdog to Sony's massively successful …

Gears of War

Wolf euthanized in Banff National Park after 'extremely bold' behaviour

Parks Canada officials say other options were carefully considered<p>Parks Canada officials have euthanized a wolf in Banff whose bold behaviour worried …

Space Combat Sim House Of The Dying Sun Out Now

House of the Dying Sun [official site] isn’t just an amazing name, it’s also a great looking space combat simulator that harkens back to the days of …

Here’s an ad for Watch Dogs 2 — it’s lame

Ubisoft is doing a big unveiling of its next Watch Dogs game later today, but you can get an idea of the tone it’s going for right now.<p>Ads for Watch Dogs 2 have started rolling out on Twitch (via Steve Kim on Twitter), and it looks like the inside of a Hot Topic. The open-world hacking game takes …