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Sony To Launch PS4 Remote Play On Mac And PC

Indie developer Twisted didn’t expect that kind of feedback. After announcing its unofficial PlayStation 4 remote play app for PC, hundreds of people wrote articles about the upcoming release. And it seems like even Sony heard about it as the company confirmed that it is working on a Mac and PC app …


Here’s A New New Star Wars Trailer, And It’s All About The Bad Guy

Thanksgiving doesn’t really rhyme with Star Wars Episode VII, but given that Disney wants to break the record of trailers before a theatrical release, here’s a brand new trailer full of exclusive footage.

You should stop reading right here if you don’t want to get spoilers.

This time, the new trailer …

John Williams

U.K. Accused Of Fast-Tracking Surveillance Powers Scrutiny

The U.K. government is being accused of once again trying to fast track complex and controversial surveillance legislation. Y’know, remember DRIPA?

The draft Investigatory Powers Bill, which will replace DRIPA when that legislation expires at the end of next year, was introduced to parliament …

UK Home Office

DJI’s Latest Drone Saves Crops From Pests

DJI made its name building high-end consumer drones, but its latest model shows where the future may lie for the Shenzhen-based company and its competitors.

An eight-rotor drone, the Agras MG-1 is supposed to provide a safer alternative to current methods for spraying crops, including small planes, …


Putting Money Into Security

I’ve long been immersed in the world of technology — as a hobbyist, a venture capitalist, a board member and now as a CEO. But looking back at key segments of my personal investment history, I’m struck by the story it tells about security. Yes, information security — it may just be the most dynamic …


The Accessibility Of The iPhone 6s

With each passing year, Apple releases a new iPhone. And with each passing year, I’m faced with the question of upgrading.

On one hand, I want to be practical and save money. My phone still works great and runs the latest version of iOS without limitation, so it’s not imperative that I upgrade.

On …


R.I.P. Kathyrn Gould: VC Pioneer, Straight Shooter, Lover of Curse Words

Earlier this year, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Kathyrn Gould, one of the very first women venture capitalists, and surely the sassiest.

She also had — and may still have — among the better track records in venture investing history.

Gould passed away earlier today after a battle with …

Silicon Valley

Immerse Me: How To Get Lost In A Story (Story Not Required)

The media we use to tell stories has evolved considerably in the millennia since our ancestors swapped their first campfire tales. Regardless of the form stories take, the storyteller always has the same goal: to transport an audience — get people to stop thinking about the here and now and focus …


Machine Intelligence In The Real World

I’ve been laser-focused on machine intelligence in the past few years. I’ve talked to hundreds of entrepreneurs, researchers and investors about helping machines make us smarter.

In the months since I shared my landscape of machine intelligence companies, folks keep asking me what I think of them — …


Get Builds Mobile Apps And Handles Deliveries For Local Shops

Meet Get, a new French startup that wants to be the Shopify for small retailers on mobile among many other things. With Get, local shops like your favorite bakery can effortlessly have an app for iOS and Android. Get also provides a same-hour delivery service like Stuart.

Founded by Adrien Touati …

Mobile Apps

Amazon’s New Bookstore Flips The Script

Amazon’s new bookstore in Seattle has been getting a lot of questions and criticism — but only from people who think there’s still a distinction between online and physical retail. Analysts who try to set up a life-or-death dynamic between e-commerce and brick-and-mortar are missing the point …


Facebook Login Comes To The Apple TV

The biggest shortcoming in Apple’s newly launched Apple TV is the lack of a Remote app for the iPhone. In particular, when you first set it up, you’ll have to manually enter your Netflix password, Hulu password and more using your Apple TV remote. But Facebook’s new SDK for tvOS seems like a good …


8 Cool Everyday Carry Gifts For A Tactical Holiday

SureFire Titan-A Flashlight

Now that smartphones have become as indispensable as a pair of shoes, carrying a separate flashlight might seem more than a little unnecessary. The reality though is that when you truly need illumination, whether you’re walking down a dark path or peering under a desk, …


The Many Ways Of WeChat: How Messaging Is Eating The World

In February 2011, I visited my friend Bill Huang who worked for Tencent in Shenzhen. Bill was telling me about their new messaging app, called WeChat, that had just launched. At the time, I had been using WhatsApp for more than a year. I asked Bill why they would build a copycat. His reply? He …


Thanksgiving Online Sales To Top $1.7B, 26% Of Purchases Made On Mobile

Thanksgiving is now in full swing in the U.S., and while many are focused on food and football, some are turning their attention online to kick off their holiday shopping.

Adobe, which has tracked 100 million visits to some 4,500 retail sites so far today (including 80% of all online transactions …


What’s The Deal With EAT Club?

To be honest, I had never heard of EAT Club until about a month ago, when its public relations team reached out to me, and I’m glad that they did. EAT Club, which launched in 2010, is almost three years into its move from a consumer-focused company to a business-to-business one that focuses on …

Palo Alto

The Art Of The Pitch

I’m fortunate in my day-to-day. I have the privilege of hearing new and exciting ideas, both by seasoned and budding entrepreneurs. I remind myself that not too many moons ago, I was in their shoes pitching for money, product and development support and, at times, attention.

Being that much of my …

Frozen Yogurt

All This Thanking… Let’s Get To Nominating

Today is a day to be thankful and we are thankful for you! The 9th Annual Crunchies Awards show is coming up on February 8, 2016, but it will be all for nothing if we don’t receive great nominations from you. Nominations are in full swing and the deadline is Friday, December 4th, 2015 at 5PM.

Let me …

Reid Hoffman

New Balance Taps 3D Systems To Develop 3D-Printed Midsoles In Running Shoes

Because tech is taking over the world, New Balance has decided to jump on the band wagon with the announcement of forthcoming 3D-printed running shoes.

The kicks won’t be entirely 3D printed, but the shoes will come with 3D-printed midsoles, the part of the shoe that sits between the inner-layer and …

New Balance

India’s Grofers Grabs $120M To Bring Offline Merchants Into The On-Demand World

The race for on-demand delivery services in India is on, and today one of the bigger startups in the market has picked up a large cash injection as it goes for pole position. Grofers, an Instacart-style app that links up with local, offline merchants to delivery groceries, medicine, flowers, and …


7 On-Demand Delivery Startups In London


Launched first in London in 2012, but now servicing a whopping 50 cities across 12 countries, Deliveroo lets you order from restaurants that don’t traditionally offer take-out for delivery.

These include quality restaurant chains, and premium and boutique restaurants that you wont typically …


Holy Smoke! New Raspberry Pi Zero Costs Just $5…

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has upped the ante when it comes to low cost single board computers, announcing a new additional to its family of microprocessors today, called Pi Zero. And it costs… just $5. (Or £4 in the U.K.)

Or it should cost $5, albeit you may have to shop aroundthe various Pi …

Raspberry Pi

Add Another Layer To History With StoryCorps’ Great Thanksgiving Listen

This is the time of the year when you see a million “how to survive the holidays with your family” guides appear. Even for people who actually like their relatives, Thanksgiving is often so hectic it’s hard to actually sit down and have a real conversation. StoryCorps wants to overcome that hurdle …


Fitness Wearable And Coaching Startup GOQii Lands $13.4M Series A From NEA And Cheetah Mobile

Wearable fitness trackers are becoming increasingly popular, but a lot of them are quickly abandoned after the novelty of tracking exercise and sleep wears off. GOQii, however, believes it has landed on the winning formula for long-term success. The Menlo Park, California and Mumbai-based company …


Hey VCs, Here Are The Companies On Display In Startup Alley At Disrupt London

Attention all you investors out there. We’re excited to unveil the companies that will be participating in the Startup Alley at Disrupt London 2015, and you can catch a glimpse of all of them by visiting our new Startup Alley Hub.

In addition to being generally awesome, the site is also mobile …


Where Are The Startup Battlefield Companies Now? Fintech Startup Satago Launches New Invoice Tools

Satago is a UK fintech startup with a simple premise — to help small businesses and freelancers get paid on time. They do that primarily by automated self report: Satago users link their Satago accounts with their in-house accounting software, and Satago uses anonymized data to create a database …


Ola, Uber’s Arch-Rival In India, Hires Ex-Infosys CFO

Indian ride-sharing company Ola boosted its efforts to beat Uber this month when it closed its $500 million Series F round, and, fresh off the heels of that news, it has confirmed the hiring of a new CFO.

Rajiv Bansal, a 21-year finance veteran who was formerly CFO at Indian IT giant Infosys, will …


Chat App Line Is Testing A Gift Shop For Sending Real-World Goods To Friends

Line, the messaging app from Japan, dipped its toes into commerce when it launched a grocery service in Thailand back in February. Now it has extended that with a new gift shop for offline products. The service is initially available in Thailand, which is one of its largest markets with over 30 …


500 Startups Extends Thailand-Based Micro-Fund To $12 Million

Weeks after more than doubling the size of its fund for Southeast Asia, U.S.-based VC firm 500 Startups has intensified its focus on the region once again after it increased the size of its micro-fund for Thailand to $12 million.

We first reported on ‘500 Tuktuks’ back in February, and the $10 …


TrialPay Co-Founder Back With Point, A Novel, Fractional Home Ownership Startup

Point — an 11-month-old, Palo Alto-based home equity marketplace that plans to take people’s homes and make them completely liquid, divisible and tradable by letting owners sell fractional equity in them — is raising funding, shows a new SEC filing.

It’s a fascinating concept that we think has only …