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What Key Should My Song Be In?

Ever wondered what the best key for your song might be? From a practical point of view, the vocal range of your singer will obviously need bearing in …

The Theory of Rhythm in Music

So far we’ve said little about a vital aspect of all music—the rhythm, beat or sense of groove. Listen to any iconic pop or rock tune, and it is that …

10 Ways Back From A Creative Black Hole

<b>Let us help you get your juices flowing again</b> 09/06/14<p>Buying Choices<p><b>Simon Power Writes:</b><p>Has your creativity taken a dive? You just can't focus …

EigenD Pro - Free Open Source Live VST/AU Plugin Host By Eigenlabs

<i>Eigenlabs</i> has announced that their <b>Eigend Pro</b> open source VST/AU plugin host optimized for live performance is now available as a free download from …

Warm Analog Sounds With Digital Delays -


The Ultimate List of Tips for Producing Sampled Strings

Getting string samples to sound good is often considered the 'holy grail' for composers and developers alike. Many attempts have been made, and new …

The 50 best VST/AU plugin synths in the world

Your sonic weapons of choice<p>The software instrument market is now so large and diverse that you could spend a lifetime exploring it and still never …

rusty robot shoulder


How To Make Glitch Sounds In FL Studio Using Edison

How To Sidechain A Specific Frequency Range

How To Vinylize Beats

How To Use Round Robin In FL Studio

moog modular demo

Task-Based Music Production - Overcome Creative Blocks, Push Through Boundaries, and Get Stuff Done

Some say that art should flow, that it shouldn’t be forced, but rather, freely release itself from the mind and soul.<p>This is all well and good, yes, …

How to Build a Home Studio / Electronic Music Production Setup for Under $1000

<i>So you’ve invested in some courses, some music production software and a computer to get you started on your path to making music. What kind of</i> …

Understanding filtering

Here's a quiz question: what do sieves, coin slot machines and low bridges have in common? If you're wondering how such a question could have …

DJ & Dance Music, Tracks & Mixes

Free Vocal Samples By Aiva! (WAV)

Aiva Vocal Pack by Aiva.<p>Dubstep artist <i>Aiva</i> has released <b>Aiva Vocal Pack</b> <i>(aka Harmony)</i>, an exclusive free collection of high quality vocal samples …

Free 606 Drum Machine Sample Pack! (24-bit WAV)

I am thrilled to announce the release of <b>BPB Cassette 606</b>, a free collection of 606 drum machine samples with an additional set of drum hits which …

FL Studio Tutorial - 5 - Graph Editor

FL Studio Tutorial - 8 - 3xOSC Settings

FL Studio Tutorial - 7 - 3xOSC

FL Studio Tutorial - 10 - Connect and Record a MIDI Keyboard

FM's guide to mastering: Understanding parallel compression

FL Studio Tutorial - 12 - Adding External Audio Clips

Stop Leaving Stuff For The Mixing Phase - Recording Revolution

<b>If you’re recording and mixing your own material (or for a client) let me give you a piece of advice: pretend like the mixing phase doesn’t exist.</b> …