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Hippo milk is pink.

A new study disproves that math and science homework help your grades.

Psychology says, men tend to forget but never forgive. Women forgive but never forget.

Singing helps reduce feelings of depression and increases oxygen flow to your lungs and helps you have better posture.

Snapchat was originally marketed as an app to send nude pictures called picaboo.

As many as 11 US presidents smoked weed.

When you kiss someone for the first time, you get a spike in the neurotransmitter dopamine, making you crave more.

The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows. It was the fashion in Renaissance Florence to shave them off.

Depressed people tend to speak with longer pauses and fragmented sentences.

When you flush toilet, germs can travel up to 6 feet and linger for up to 2 hours. A lot of them end up on toothbrushes.

A high GPA looks good on paper, but networking and building friendships are what get you a job.

Germany has paid $61.8 billion to Jewish victims, to this day the U.S. has not paid $1 to African Americans for slavery.