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"This position is right, that alignment is correct, this posture is better than other....." What a short sighted journey those perspectives deliver, and how much confusion they bring. Life and movement unravel in constant CHANGE. You can only be right in your choices if you are adaptable, mobile, changing, responsive, sensitive. CHANGE is the name of the game, not positioning, perfect alignment or some other universal key that is supposed to open all doors but actually only fits one. Practice CHANGE, Ido.

Gymnastics Inverted Pull Up to BW Roll

4 MOST IMPORTANT CONCEPTS TO PRACTICE, IF YOU ARE HUMAN: 1. Movement Complexity - learn some new shit so you wont become an old dog. Make it a habit to learn new movements- weekly. Dance, martial arts, gymnastics, parkour, circus arts, tai chi, yoga, etc - its all good. A contemporary dancer learns 600-1000 new movements a week sometimes, that is for some Homer Simpsons more than a lifetime of movement acquisition. 2. Mobility - range of motion is king. Moving into it with strength, control, stability and motor refinement is a must, not just passive range. But still - if you don't have range - you cant get stronger in that range, you cant use that range, you cant stabilize or control that range. So... FIRST THINGS FIRST - get the range. I meet more people daily that are limited to a big extent in movement because of this reason, many more than because of weakness. Weakness is limiting - but range is the real party pooper - no range = no movement. Oh, and one other thing: nobody foamed rolled his ass into real mobility. Note: Stretching is very much alive, its not the stretching that is problematic - its the TYPE of stretching that can be an issue. We use a method I developed called Loaded Progressive Stretching. Our students can be seen on YouTube and FB and move the way they move because of that practice. Take it for what it is worth. We like Myofascial and soft tissue release, but we don't delude ourselves into thinking its going to make us into... MOVERS with ROM. 3. Strength in the right areas - you need strength to move... Especially in the weak links. Common weak links pretty much everyone need to address: Scapular control and grip. Note: NOT core. No, in 90% of the cases, the scapular connection will fail a long time before the core will. Don't waste your time, wake up from your delusions of 'Core Strength'. I don't do sit ups, I don't do planks, I don't even do 'dragon flags'. I do - handstand alignment drills, planches and levers, I quadrupedal, practice my SASS and Presses and I squat heavy and do olympic lifts. 4. Isolate -> Integrate -> Improvise. The triple 'I' is my way to look at mastery. Anything you do should move up that ladder if you intend to master some stuff, get a lifelong fulfillment and enjoy the best that movement has to offer. Improvisation, notice, is superior in my eyes to the concept of 'play' as Play in its highest level is improvised but improvisation is always a form of Play. So, check out your current practice and see if you are moving up and down the ladder of mastery - are you isolating patterns, integrating them into bigger sequences and finally - are you improvising? Not? Rethink it, as it might not be worth devoting your life to. Improv is where life is at its strongest. Well... Improv IS life. Find a way to integrate these concepts daily into your practice and share it with others - we can all use more and better movement, Ido. * Photo by Liav Baron

Help someone to 'lose some weight' and affect his/her upcoming YEAR. Help someone do his first chin up and affect his/her upcoming YEARS. Help someone get rid of back pain and affect his/her DECADE. Help someone to learn to dance and affect his/her LIFETIME. Help someone develop a Movement Practice and affect the LIVES OF ALL OF THOSE AROUND HIM/HER. Movement is more than the sum of its parts. It always has. Ido.

Remo Williams The Adventure Begins good scenes

Evolution of Madness: (EoM) Indifference -> Curiosity -> Passion -> Obsession That's how real big things are done. If it was easy - everybody would have done it. If you can do it well the first time you try - why would you want to do it again? Now tell me I'm too extreme - its great to hear that from time to time. Ido.

As if someone's 'holy' sequence of movements ever made a REAL difference. Improvisation is where its at, bob. A sequence is just a sequence is just a sequence. Don't mistaken another Golden Cage for true freedom and self expression. Real instruction makes itself obsolete. Real teaching leads to... Improvisation. Ido.