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What Digital Transformation Actually Looks Like for Most Companies |

Technology is changing our world, whether we like it or not, and whether we fully realize it or not. In our personal and business lives, it has impacted the way we experience the day to day, often in ways we not be aware of. We are becoming a digitally transformed society --in business and at home, …

Customer Experience

Meet Eric Ries — reluctant start-up guru who sparked a movement

Eric Ries’s first book is often nicknamed the Silicon Valley bible. But the zeal with which enthusiasts promote The Lean Startup and its principles …

Continuous Business Optimization is a 21st Century Next Practice |

Business optimization efforts have been around for years and are aimed at redefining the way work is performed within a business area. They explore issues surrounding what work is performed, how it is accomplished, when it's done and by whom. It's not unusual for a firm to totally reconstruct its …