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Underwater Drone Startup OpenROV Launches A Super Fast Exploration Robot

Trident is a remote-controlled, camera-equipped underwater drone – and it’s the fastest machine yet from underwater robotics startup OpenROV.<p>Trident can go “as fast as Michael Phelps,” according to co-founders David Lang and Eric Stackpole. For reference, Phelps clocks in at 4.4 mph if you factor …

St. Louis is a Radioactive Toxic Waste Bath


Special Report: Geoengineering Dumbing Down America, Not Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide

Obama Blames Indiana For Chicago's Gun Control Failures

On October 27 President Obama blamed Chicago’s gun control failures on the state of Indiana and other states that maintain a stronger focus on …


The CNBC Republican Debate Was A Total Trainwreck

Reporters from both conservative and liberal-minded news organizations seem to agree: the CNBC Republican presidential debate was kind of a …

How the Budget Deal Paves the Way for President Hillary Rodham Clinton

RUSH: So how does the budget deal pave the way for Hillary Clinton? Folks, it’s real simple. Over half of any Republican candidate’s campaign arsenal …

Ionospheric Heaters - How HAARP really works


CV3D | Cellphone Towers, High Powered Microwaves, and Cancer


Secrets of Wall Street

Wall Street

The Death of Europe | European Migrant Crisis


Why Europe Owes The Migrants Nothing


The Truth About Illegal Immigrants: Was Donald Trump Right?

Illegal Immigration

US science agency refuses request for climate records

House of Representatives committee is demanding documents relating to a study that refuted a global-warming ‘hiatus’.<p>The US National Oceanic and …

Oldest Draft of King James Bible Discovered, Historian Says

The King James Bible, the most widely read book in the English language — from which phrases like "a man after his own heart" emerged — is as storied …


20 tricks for sitting at your desk without hurting your back


This is how billionaires can buy their survival during an apocalypse


Record-Breaking 408 Earthquakes Hit Bay Area City Over Past 2 Weeks

A whopping 408 earthquakes have hit San Ramon, California, in the past two weeks, including 11 in one 24-hour stretch.<p>This record-breaking earthquake …

JLENS Blimp Lands in Pennsylvania After Breaking Free Outside Washington, D.C., in Windy Conditions

News<p>JLENS Blimp Lands in Pennsylvania After Breaking Free Outside Washington, D.C., in Windy Conditions<p>By Sean Breslin<p>October 28 2015 04:45 PM …

Merced river Yosimite national park Photo by DM weber

Laughing Abortionists ‘Pull Out Baby Hearts After Abortion, Just For Fun. It’s Cute’

<b>An eleventh undercover video was released Tuesday by the Center For Medical Progress, again capturing officials at Planned Parenthood admitting to</b> …

EFSA warnt: Acrylamid - Krebsgefahr aus Lebensmitteln (Kaffee, Röstkartoffelerzeugnisse, bestimmte Babynahrungsmittel u. v. m.)

Das krebserregende <b>Acrylamid</b> bereitet derzeit der Europäischen Behörde für Lebensmittelsicherheit (EFSA) Kopfschmerzen. Acrylamid nehmen wir …

Putin wants to ax dollar from Russian trade

<i>"I would like to mention one crucial issue in the development of the energy industry, and the economy as a whole. It is a question of finally</i> …

The Charleston Shooting - 29 Million Dollar Coded NWO Message and


CAT-5 Hurricane Patricia - Waco Texas and the Bush - 41 Observation