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This gene helps prevent cancer. Did it also give rise to all complex life?

How did life get so complicated?<p>No, really. Molecular biologist Erik Hanschen would like to know. For billions of years, life on Earth was incredibly simple: Various single-celled organisms floated around the Earth, procreating, eating, avoiding getting eaten. It wasn't super exciting, but it was …


Gene Tests Are Quite Telling - Should You Get One?

What gene tests can tell us now and in the future<p>It takes me two subway rides, a fifteen-minute walk, one very large cup of coffee, and knocking on two incorrect office doors to arrive at the offices of the Program for Jewish Genetic Health in the Bronx. I am there for a genetic screening designed …

Molecular Biology

Scientists film death of white blood cell for first time and discover alert system

Australian and US scientists capture on video each stage of death of a human white blood cell, revealing the dying cells apparently try to alert their neighbours<p>In a world first, Melbourne scientists have captured on video each stage of death of a human white blood cell, a phenomenon never seen …

La Trobe University

Start-ups need 'joiners' as well as founders - Futurity

PhD candidates in STEM fields report a desire to take risks at startup companies—just not as founders. Should grad school include entrepreneurship …

'Organoid' makes antibodies without a body - Futurity

A new synthetic immune "organoid" produces antibodies and can be controlled in the lab, completely separate from a living organism.

Microbiologists discover 35 new groups of bacteria in Colorado

If you didn't think we were outnumbered before...<p>The mysterious and diverse world of bacteria just got its very own expansion pack. A total of 35 new groups, or phyla, of bacteria have been discovered in groundwater in Rifle, Colorado. The finding will likely add a bunch of new species to the tree …

United Kingdom

Researchers Grow Breast Tissue In A Lab

To better understand cancers that grow there<p>From edible meat to entire rat arms, scientists can grow pretty much anything in a petri dish. But until recently, they haven’t been able to grow mammary glands, the tissue where most types of breast cancer occur. Now researchers from the Helmholtz Centre …


New Flu Drug Gives Your Body More Time To Defend Itself

And it works incredibly well<p>Dying from the flu can be a lot like drowning. As it progresses, the influenza virus affects the cellular barrier between the circulatory and respiratory systems, allowing other bodily fluids to leak into the lungs and causing them to fail. In the past, flu-fighting …

Public Health

Blood test could pick up early signs of Alzheimer’s disease 10 years early

British researchers found that the blood level of a protein called MAPKAPK5 was lower in individuals whose cognitive ability declined over a ten year period<p>A blood test could identify the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia 10 years before symptoms develop, scientists …

Tough brain tumors may have a weak spot - Futurity

The stem cells that let some brain tumors return despite radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy seem to have an Achilles' heel.

Stem Cells

Map tracks globe-trotting poo viruses - Futurity

A new map that tracks the path of fecal viruses could offer an effective way to assess water quality worldwide.

Nobel Prize

Man in Germany dies of complications stemming from Mers virus

Victim succumbed to a lung disease after recovering from the infection he is believed to have contracted from a camel in the UAE<p>A 65-year-old man has died in Germany from medical complications after being treated for the Mers-CoV virus that has spread through the Middle East and spilled out to …