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Kanye West Says His New Album Won’t Be On iTunes Or Apple Music

It’s hard to know what’s up with Kanye West right now. Perhaps the value of Twitter just clicked with him, maybe he’s upped his self-importance in the universe further, or this could all be clever marketing around his latest album. Either way, it’s impossible not to notice his tweets, which have …

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20 Unique Apple Recipes You Haven’t Tried Yet

You know what they say about apples… one a day keeps the doctor <i>far, far</i> away. Sure, the health benefits are all that and a bag of (apple) chips, but the best thing about them is that they’re so versatile. You can use apples in everything from savory recipes like burgers (yep!) to a trendy …

Food tour of Porto: 'There's more to Portugal than Nando's'

In Casa Leandro – a tavern tucked away in the cobble-stoned Rua de Tras, in the heart of Porto – a patron about to pay for his codfish pastries and Super Bock beer mutters that he has left his wallet at home. The owner-matron Fatima frowns and waves him away, her arms jiggling like the jellied …

Medicine Science - Mental and Emotional Health, Exercise & Weight Loss - A Latin American Community for finding healthy food and supplements for the mind and body

The western world is increasingly using Kratom for several health benefits but there are many drawbacks to using this herb. A recent study has shown …

Michael Jordan gifts complete set of Air Jordans to Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant has gotten one impressive retirement gift from Michael Jordan.<p>The Jordan Brand gave Bryant a full set of the sneakers released so far in the Air Jordan line — 30 pairs in all. The gift was presented early Saturday at the Jordan Brand All-Star party, which Bryant attended.<p>Jordan Brand …

Michael Jordan told Klay Thompson to 'go ahead and break the record' -

Many people want to protect history. It's one of the bigger debate battles in sports. There's a wedge between those that idolize the past and want it …

Michael Jordan

15 Essentials to Nail the No-Makeup Makeup Look

In case you haven’t noticed, no-makeup makeup is having a <i>major</i> moment. We’re seeing the fresh-faced look everywhere from the streets to the runways, beloved for both its practicality and ability to let your natural beauty shine through. That being said, the title of no-makeup makeup is a <i>tad</i> …

5 Reasons Why Bats Are the Best

You’ll want to go to bat for these awesome mammals after reading about their supercool skills.<p><b>1. Bats keep insects from bugging you.</b><p>Photograph by All Canada Photos, Alamy Stock Photo<p>These flying mammals eat up lots of pesky insects. In fact the little brown bat from North America, pictured above, …

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The world's most romantic cruise destinations

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The future for polar bears is not bright but on February 14th, we can take solace in knowing that the sea ice is nearly at its maximum extent throughout the Arctic at this time of year. This provides polar bears with maximum opportunity to feed on seals. @sea_legacy #climatechange #nature #mother #family #love #valentinesday

8 Genius Birthday Cakes You Can Make To Surprise The Kids

You want to create a Pinterest worthy cake that’ll make your kid the envy of every birthday party attendee. You really do. But fondant? 3 tiered …


Stars at Their First Grammy Awards

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Kanye West Is Really Mad That People Didn't Like His Show

Hint: If you didn't like his show, he doesn't like you.

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