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Shes just sitting there...

The Sims™ FreePlay - Apps on Google Play

“5 Stars ...The Sims FreePlay is everything you could ever want a freemium Sims game to be.” – Gamezebo<p>“10/10 …one of the most addictive and highly …

Yay! #Yay

Yay! Sims!

Awesome. I think I'm gonna start a whole magizene on the sims.

Awsome game. Its FREE. get it now!

Awesome. Its free! Its the...... sims!!!!! They are flirting in dis pic.

Live Graffiti

This is <b>not just an image</b>! You need our App<br>to watch <b>animated live graffities</b>.<br>If you already have it just download the file<br>and open it with application …


This is a awsome app! Its tweengram! Its for apple and android devices! And I think the kindle app store...


Gravity Falls: LEAKED ZOO SHORT!


My cat is my family. In fact, she's my baby. I cant believe she liked it when my grandpa put the covers on her. First cat I have ever met that likes that. Her name is Candis and her nicknames are candy and can-can.

Why did I put this under fashon and Style magazine you may ask. Well this app is the latest style. this app is so popular at Barnes and Noble I saw books of it. They were books are plenty of them all different! I couldn't believe that this app has gotten that popular. Just wow!

Amanda Seyfried: Go West, Go Wild

"I am most scared of being bored,” Amanda Seyfried said. She was calling from her home in Los Angeles in mid-February, having just returned from her first vacation in years. “I was at a resort!” she continued. “And I thought, I should be loving this—but I wasn’t getting anything done, and that …

The Hottest Hair Trends For Fall 2014

From loose, textured waves, to perfect center parts, every take on a pony and glamorous 60's inspired styles, here are the prettiest hair trends that you can take from runway to real life.<p>From loose, textured waves, to perfect center parts, every take on a pony and glamorous 60's inspired styles, …

Lol . this is catching it this is catching an embarrassing moment for my friend Kelsey. Just look at that face!

Illuminated Cut Paper Light Boxes by Hari & Deepti | Colossal

<p>Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panicker (known collectively as Hari & Deepti) are an artist couple who create paper cut light boxes. Each diorama is …

Movie Night at Sara's


Ylvis - The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) [Official music video HD]

Have a good kitchen? To make good food, you need a good kitchen.

GOOD, GOOD, GOOD! I tried these, and they are excellent ! you mix any kind of chocolate batter in with the pancake batter add chocolate chips and presto! You have yourself some chocolate pancakes. all chocolate! Make sure to add some chocolate syrup instead of maple syrup!

Chocolate Pies and Tarts

You can’t go wrong when luscious chocolate is matched with caramel, nuts, fruit, whipped cream, custard fillings, or flaky pie crust. Browse our collection of the best pie and tart recipes featuring chocolate in the fillings, crusts, toppings, or throughout.<p>A crispy crust made from ice cream cones …

Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

This recipe, from the How Sweet It Is bakery in New York City, is used to make delicious .