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Art that grows backwards: The abstract paintings of Erica Beck

Mysterious Instagram Artist Makes Hundreds of Alien Glyphs

The Instagram artist known only as Jonas is making hundreds of vividly colored and slowly evolving serial paintings.<p>When we think of paintings, we don't really picture very long, slowly evolving serialized concepts, but a German artist by the name of Jonas is doing precisely that by making a number …


Become an Art World Sensation in This Addictive Video Game

Still from Passpartout, courtesy of Flamebait Games.Make art, sell art, get reviewed. That’s the basic formula familiar to both starving artists and …


Mom Creates Amazing Mosaics Using 10,000 Play-Doh Dots

As artist Lacy Knudson demonstrates here, Play-Doh isn't just for kids! One day, while the mother of three was mushing the clay into little balls, she realized that her tiny, colorful dots could actually be the foundation for some amazing artwork! And best of all, she could be creative while still …


Hypnotizing Geometric Paintings Inspired by Sacred Mandalas

These kaleidoscopic arrangements explore ideas of visual pleasure through a hypnotizing array of colors and textures that spiral towards a central point. Created by New York-based artist Amy Cheng, the complex oil (and sometimes wax) on paper compositions are loosely based off of the concept of the …


Dancer Dances On Top of Canvas To Create Beautiful Pieces Of Art

84<p>SHARES<p>Heather Hansen covers her hands and feet in charcoal and uses them as her "paintbrush" on top of canvas for <i>Black Swan</i>-like pieces of art. …

Black Swans

Rikka Ayasaki: "Passions, twilight" Posted by Lara

Lake of moon_Tera

Old trees and little lakes

Artist : Nikos Gyftakis © www.nikosgyftakis.com Posted by Humam

Abstract Quilling using the Canvas on Edge Technique

See More Paintings, Sculpture<p>Stephen Stum + Jason Hallman = Stallman (the name of their company) are partners in life and in work, they work together …

Preview: Stunning New Illustrations of Women Touched by Nature by Kelsey Beckett

The Corey Helford Gallery, based in Los Angeles, just released their online preview of artist Kelsey Beckett’s new show. Starting this Saturday, …

How to get the "illustrative" look in your portraits

“The Lieutenant” featuring the costume, armor, and … face, of Brian Fadrosh<p>I can’t tell you how many times I get comments like “Wow this is so cool; …


Yigal Ozeri paints hyperrealistic women 'living in nature without malice'

The reaction to Yigal Ozeri's astonishing paintings, composed of thousands of tiny brushstrokes, has two elements to it. There's an immediate hit of …


6 Ways to get out of a Creative Rut

It’s the end of the workday and you’re seriously dragging. Here are 7 things you can do to climb out of a creative rut.

Artist Creates Larger-Than-Life Abstract Floral Paintings Bursting with Color

Vancouver-based artist Bobbie Burgers paints beautiful blooms that appear to animatedly burst with each brushstroke. Rendered in an abstract style, her floral compositions capture the unique beauty and diverse color palettes exhibited by bouquets and other bunches of flowers.<p>Like many …

Miles of Thread and a Giant Needle Weave Indoor Rainbows

Gabriel Dawe gives you the rainbow without the rain.<p>Imagine a rainbow that’s divorced from rain, water, or any kind of natural and uncontrollable events, a rainbow that will linger, flawless and unchanging, for however long you care to watch it. Gabriel Dawe makes these perfect rainbows reality.<p>The …


Delicate Paper Calligraphy Showcases a Cheerful Alphabet

Find your paper-cut initials in Sabeena Karnik’s delicate typeface and calligraphy pieces.<p>For the last 10 years, Sabeena Karnik has worked in the paper medium, pushing its boundaries and experimenting with its different capacities and styles. It wasn’t until a few years ago that the artist stumbled …


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Aahhhh me encanta!!esta imagen. Gracias Roxi por publicar imágenes bellísimas. Muchas de ellas la se usar como foto de perfil en mi whatsapp,o face. …