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An Overflow Of Artwork At Street Art Fair LA

The latest Street Art Fairs International opened in Downtown LA's Fashion District this week with a sprawling exhibition of top artists, running through June 18 from noon to 6 p.m., with free admission on Saturday.<p>Hosted in the showroom of famous jacket designer and artist Jeff Hamilton at 935 Wall …

What A Black Ballerina's Path To Success Can Teach You About Workplace Diversity

Dance Theater of Harlem's Stephanie Rae Williams on why diversity is the future of ballet.<p>In this series, The Huffington Post profiles some of the best ballet dancers in the world, working in some of the rarest and most unusual work environments imaginable, to try to understand how they deal with …

6 ways being a former ballet dancer translates into an adult work ethic

The professional life of a dancer is a hard one to crack but that doesn’t mean that a former ballet dancer can’t excel in another career. In fact, I …

Maddie Ziegler Will Make You Wish You Were a 13-Year-Old Ballerina

Allow her to inspire you to break some rules in a new dance video for Capezio.<p>If anyone was born to stand out, it's Maddie Ziegler. The 13-year-old <i>Dance Moms</i> prodigy, Sia double, and former correspondent proves it in a new campaign video for dance apparel brand Capezio. She starts out in …


Professional Ballet Dancer Reveals Moments of Grace On and Offstage

Up on stage, the goal of the professional ballet dancer is to create an image of effortless grace and beauty during each performance. The success of this appearance is a testament to the skill of the dancer and the hours and hours spent backstage, practising until perfection. As a Russian ballet …

Watch This New York City Principal Ballerina Pirouette Flawlessly at 6 Months Pregnant

This baby is going to be a born ballerina!<p>Ashley Bouder, a principal ballerina with the esteemed New York City Ballet, is six months pregnant with …

This Hijab-Wearing Ballerina Is About to Change the World

Ballet is a notoriously exclusive world. In addition to some seriously stiff competition, it doesn’t have a great reputation for being a particularly diverse industry. Which is why Misty Copeland’s promotion as American Ballet Theater’s first African American principal dancer was such a major …


See One Ballerina Dance Through 100 Years Of Girls’ Fashion In Three Minutes

the evolution of adorbs<p>Actually, it’s <i>less</i> than three minutes, but we rounded up because you might need to recover for just a sec after watching this video that captures the colorful progress of girls’ style since 1916. Seriously, it’s crushingly cute.<p>Just like all the many, many “100 Years of…” …

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Hitler's Mein Kampf Will Be Reprinted in Germany for the First Time Since World War II

Reprints of Adolf Hitler’s autobiography <i>Mein Kampf</i> will be hitting bookstores across Germany once more — the first time since the Nazi leader’s death.<p>…

2 Teenagers Arrested for Theft of Auschwitz Artifacts

Yuri Dojc<p>Yuri Dojc<p>Yuri Dojc<p>Yuri Dojc<p>Yuri Dojc<p>Yuri Dojc<p>Yuri Dojc<p>Yuri Dojc<p>Yuri Dojc<p>Yuri Dojc<p>Yuri Dojc<p>Yuri Dojc<p>Yuri Dojc<p>Yuri Dojc<p>Yuri Dojc<p>Yuri Dojc<p>Yuri …

Dispute rises as Munich continues ban of stumbling stones honouring Holocaust victims

In 1939, when Peter Jordan was 15 years old, his parents sent him to England to escape Nazi Germany. They remained behind in Munich. Two years later, Siegfried and Paula Jordan were deported, together with 1,000 other Jews from the city. Their destination was German-occupied Lithuania, where they …

Holocaust victims remembered on 70th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation

On the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the world remembers the millions of victims of the Holocaust. Six million Jews, and also …

Auschwitz survivor Eva Kor tells how Josef Mengele promised her she had only weeks to live

Auschwitz survivor Eva Kor told how evil Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, known as the “Angel of Death” laughed as he carried out medical experiments on …


Hitler’s Killer Women Revealed in New History

A new book pulls back the veil on the widespread involvement of women in the Third Reich’s most murderous and brutal activities. An exclusive excerpt …

Adolf Hitler Was a Secret Crystal Meth Addict

Hitler's body language suggests he was hooked on the drug made famous by Breaking Bad<p>The leader of the Nazi party Adolf Hitler had a secret addiction …

Autistic Starbucks barista serves up drinks with epic dance moves

Forget Caramel Macchiatos with a side of whipped cream — Sam, "the dancing barista," serves up his coffee with a side of epic dance moves.<p>The teenage …


Anaheim Ballet: Anabelle 2013

Prepare to be amazed by this super trippy optical illusion

<b>It’s the weekend, so why not spend a bit of time having your mind totally blown?</b><p>This might seem like just a slightly wriggly gif – but there’s more …

Misty Copeland Performs 'The Miss Turnstiles Ballet' from ON THE TOWN


Anaheim Ballet Special Guest: Misty Copeland!

The Nutcracker- featuring Misty Copeland

The Nutcracker

Misty Copeland talks 'A Ballerina's Tale' documentary


Misty Copland

Misty Copeland Gives Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo a Ballet Lesson

Jimmy Kimmel



Native Icon: Misty Copeland


'This Week' Sunday Spotlight: Misty Copeland


Watch an Exclusive Clip of Misty Copeland’s ​"A Ballerina’s Tale" Documentary


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