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How to stay fit forever: 25 tips to keep moving when life gets in the way

When it comes to exercise, we think about how to “get” fit. But often, starting out is not the problem. “The big problem is maintaining it,” says Falko Sniehotta, a professor of behavioural medicine and health psychology at Newcastle University. The official UK guidelines say adults should do …

Work Stress

I Studied Mentally Strong People for 15 Years and Discovered They All Had This One Thing in Common

As a psychotherapist, I've always been interested in things like resilience, perseverance, and self-discipline. But after losing my mother, husband, and father-in-law in just a few short years, my interest in mental strength became personal. I set out on a quest to learn about mentally strong …


Executive Function Predicts T1D Management Into Emerging Adulthood

September 17, 2018<p>Share this content:<p>The transition between adolescence and emerging adulthood has been described as a “high-risk” time for …

Type 1 Diabetes

26 Young Indians With Type 1 Diabetes Scale Chandrakhani Pass at 13,000 Ft. in the Himalayas

Young trekkers aged 15 to 30 years from 16 cities across India, participated in this challenge to bring type 1 diabetes to the fore, and bust myths …

Type 1 Diabetes

These Companies Want to Combine Stem Cells and CRISPR Gene Editing to Treat Diabetes

Some news from the land of CRISPR gene-editing to start off this week: The appropriately named CRISPR Therapeutics—a biotech that, it should be …


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Ask your Representative to Cosponsor H.R. 5768!

On May 10th, Reps. Reed and DeGette introduced the “Expanding Access to Diabetes Self-Management Training Act” (H.R. 5768) to Congress. This act …


Sheku Kanneh-Mason To Join JDRF In The Fight Against Type 1 Diabetes

NEW YORK, Sept. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- JDRF, the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research, is honoured to appoint internationally renowned cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason as a global ambassador. The 19 year-old British cellist captured the world's attention during his …

Type 1 Diabetes

JDRF is bringing awareness and understanding to type 1 diabetes

HOUSTON - On Thursday, September 13, Deborah Duncan sat down with Rick Byrd, the Executive Director of JDRF to discuss the organization's upcoming …

Type 1 Diabetes

Cardiff researchers testing beta cell regeneration drug

<b>A clinical trial exploring the regrowth of beta cells in</b> <b>type 1 diabetes</b> <b>has been launched in Cardiff.</b><p>The Clinical Research Facility (CRF) at Cardiff …

Type 1 Diabetes

Why Design World Legend Tina Roth Eisenberg Would Rather Build Four of Her Own Businesses Than Work for Someone Else

<i>Wealthsimple is an investing service that uses technology to put your money to work like the world’s smartest investors. In “Money Diaries,” we</i> …

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Ahndraya Parlato Captures Where Imagination Meets Reality

In <i>A Spectacle and Nothing Strange</i>, Hawaiian photographer Ahndraya Parlato draws together photographs from a period of ten years to explore the …

Mental Disorders

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People With Diabetes Impacted By Hurricane Florence: National Diabetes Coalition Available To Support

ARLINGTON, Va., Sept. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- This morning, Hurricane Florence made landfall near Wilmington, North Carolina, with hurricane-force …

I found this note on my phone this morning, from last year. This is something that my friend @themarthabeck had said to me, when I was suffering through a white hot rage at somebody. It doesn’t matter what the incident was, or who had brought on the anger. What matters is the understanding and wisdom about how to restore peace. Something I have learned in life is that people who have no boundaries are constantly furious. Furious, victimized, hurt, offended, and outraged. If you cannot figure out how to uphold the healthy, accurate, and appropriate distance between yourself and every person in your life (and it will be a different distance for every person in your life) then you will never know a moment of serenity. Not everybody gets to have full access to you. Trust and intimacy must be earned. (People will help you with this project by constantly showing you who they really are. Create your boundaries accordingly.) To do anything else is naive and immature. So: Who are you furious at today? Now look closely at your history with them. Find the moment when you allowed that person to come closer to you than they had earned the right to come. Now figure out how to reestablish (or establish for the first time) a wiser boundary. When they are held the correct distance from you, you will stop hating them. Until then, you are just using this person as a weapon to beat yourself up with. Put an end to it. Stand in your dignity and set your own terms. You can do this. Onward, LG

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How to Be Invisible Online -- Without Going Off the Grid (Infographic)

It's important to go the extra mile to protect your personal information online.<p>Companies and organizations are getting their hands on our data and using it for a number of reasons we don’t even know about. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to minimize your presence online and …

Personal Information

6 Real Women on Their Ultimate Masturbation Fantasies

Masturbation is a perfectly healthy activity. It is not weird or abnormal to masturbate while in a relationship. Not at all. In fact, it is a good thing! Sexual intercourse, oral sex, hand sex, and masturbation are all unique sexual acts. Every one of them is valid.<p>Some of us think about people …


Even Republicans might like Medicare Advantage for all

The government must limit its spending by fiat. Then we can let the market step in and sort out the details. Under Medicare Advantage for all, the …

Health Care

Why I left Dropbox for iCloud Drive and never looked back

When I think back to the early days of iPhone and iPad (and even my Mac life around that time), Dropbox was so ingrained into my workflows that I couldn’t ever see it leaving. On the flip-side, I’ve have been using Dot Mac/MobileMe/iCloud since before the iPhone was released. Years ago, Apple’s …


The benefits of a bilingual brain - Mia Nacamulli


Texas Board of Education Votes to Remove Hillary Clinton From Social Studies Curriculum

Hillary Clinton speaks on December 2, 2017 in Playa Vista, California. Vivien Killilea/Getty ImagesThe Texas State Board of Education doesn’t seem to …

Hillary Clinton

Arizona State Superintendent Hires Man Who Thinks Dinosaurs Were On Noah’s Ark To Review Evolution In Schools

State Superintendent Diane Douglas has hired a creationist to help review Arizona's science and evolution curriculum.<p>Arizona State Superintendent …