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SMILEMAKERNYC : Our skin care products for acne, pigment and rejuvenation

Our products are available at Namgyal Dorjee 9176980069 New York City<p>mail:<p>Some items are available in India<p>Uses:<br>Acne with …

SMILEMAKERNYC LLC on LinkedIn: “Dear Yemeni friends in Sana’a,…

Dear Yemeni friends in Sana’a, From a former expat Sanani..salamaleykum and God bless Music can bring intense healing,especially during war and …


SMILEMAKERNYC LLC on LinkedIn: “Revision : list of old…

Revision : list of old testament books Let's try 1-39 of the first 39 books of the bible Go to First five: 1-5 do re mi fa so.... Genesis …

Indian Cinema

Stranger on the shore

The cowboy rides away...guitar improvisation

Reports: Former Guantanamo detainee to get $10 million from Canada

<b>(CNN) —</b> A Canadian man who spent 10 years at Guantanamo Bay after fighting US troops in Afghanistan is getting more than $10 million and an apology from the Canadian government, according to media reports.<p>Omar Khadr, 30, had sued the Canadian government for violating international law by allegedly …


Did you just read how we are destroying lives?

Ja ja,we can learn belly dance cos our legs are now tied to billions of dollars of wmds n we can't move with missiles tyin' us down

We dance this way man, not with swords😆

Oh God, my prayers are bouncing off the walls I built 😨😨😨

Yaaaarggh...our missile bells are ringing and heading our way!

No, we don't want you to place the missiles we sold ya'll, in our bunkers for emergencies!

I'm not telling,but we just made an ungodly sum of money last week and it's now sitting on our heads.Who cares from what,or where?

Oh God, do we have to talk about annihilation of countries like Yemen again?

That's what happens when you sell $$$$$ bombs to a people in crisis

yeah, might be good idea to do a countdown in that capricious region after selling $$$billions in arms ,gotta watch our backs now

Da!yes yes , ve crush all with sell bomb!easy! Very great again! No one we great alone! No problem. Is a life by win.not loser!💪

Cholera destroying Yemen cos of a blockade? told ya'll I didn't wanna report this to the world- we caused most of their problems. No way!

Absolutely right! We needed more jobs so we sold more wmds. One has gotta survive .We all know that🙈🙉🙊

What? We just blew another hole in the ozone?

Oh God! Those are our bombs in Yemen.We have destroyed those poor innocent people

Yo!just heard we got one foot in Qatar and the other in Saudi. WE ARE GETTIN' STRETCHED AND THE ANAL FISSURES ARE ACTING UP....YEOWWW!

Ahh, yessss! I think we just hit the wrong guys again. Last time it was eyeraak or somthin' , now it sounds like eyeran in Yemen...sheesh

No problem brother! I paid $$$ billions so I dropping where I want ok?They blame you,not me.i not make,only pay in full.see?

New Kid in town

God Can Top Your Biggest Dream

<b>“God can do anything, you know — far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!” (</b><b>Ephesians 3:20</b> <b>MSG)</b><p>God’s dream for …