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One in four Americans didn’t open a book last year

Americans show no signs of speeding up—or slowing down—on reading.<p>Each year, Pew Research polls the US on its book reading habits. This year’s results, published Sept. 1, show that the portion of adults who read at least one book in the last year stayed the same as the previous year, 73% compared …


What the US is reading in nervous preparation for the first day of school

As August draws to a close, the back-to-school frisson is palpable in the US, especially when it comes to family spending. Parents and kids want to make sure they’ve stocked up on what everyone else is reading and buying, and Amazon’s top 100 bestselling books offers a touching snapshot of the …


Why business leaders should teach their employees to think like Olympic marathoners

People like to watch the most high-profile events of the summer Olympics because they are exciting— the heart-pounding action can change in a fraction of a second. But for business leaders, the most instructive competitions of the Olympic games don’t involve a swim relay or a gymnastics vault.<p>No, …

Michael Phelps

Five books Barack Obama thinks you should read

As North Americans slouch toward the end of summer, the US reader-in-chief has some new book recommendations for the beach-inclined. President Barack Obama’s recommended reading list for this summer includes essays about surfing and hawks, and Oprah-approved fiction about a slave on a Georgia …


The full 40-title reading list compiled by the world’s best designers for the US Supreme Court

Design is a buzz word. It’s a catchy, quixotic and powerful strategy tangled with technology, marketing, branding and innovation jargon that few grasp. But now you can: More than 100 world-famous design experts have put together the essential Design 101 reading list, useful for anyone who want to …

Product Design
Mario Kart
Bill Gates

Science suggests bilingualism helps keep our brains smart, agile and young

In a café in south London, two construction workers are engaged in cheerful banter, tossing words back and forth. Their cutlery dances during more emphatic gesticulations, and they occasionally break off into loud guffaws. They are discussing a woman, that much is clear, but the details are lost on …


Google, Microsoft, and other corporate giants are quietly showing a movie about teen internet addiction

About halfway through the documentary <i>Screenagers,</i> one kid lays out the rules of a game he plays with his friends whenever they’re at restaurant: Everyone puts their phone in a pile in the middle of the table during the meal. Whoever pick theirs up first has to get the check.<p>Good one, right? Here’s …

Digital Age

The best cities in the world for book lovers

The streets of Edinburgh and Hong Kong are overflowing with books. Istanbul and Singapore, less so.<p>Every year the World Cities Culture Forum collects information on how people consume culture around the world. The organization looks at factors like how many video game arcades a city has, or how …


The biggest productivity myth is that rigid rules like the Pomodoro technique are for everyone

The internet is filled with advice and lifehacks on how to improve productivity. We all want to achieve more, it seems, to cram more into our days. There always seems to be that one overachieving colleague who has it all figured out, and uses a complex routine involving butter-filled coffee, short …

Time Management

Neuroscientists say multitasking literally drains the energy reserves of your brain

Does your morning routine consist of checking emails, browsing Facebook, downing coffee, heading to the train while Googling one last idea, checking notifications, more coffee, and going through your work email? The myriad activities crammed into your morning, and the constant switching between …

Time Management

Reading with intention can change your life

A random sampling of the world’s most successful people will show one common trait: a love of reading. Reading is the easiest way to continue the learning process, increase empathy, boost creativity, and even just unwind from a long day. But books can also change the way we think and live.<p>Warren …

New York Times

For a year of my life, I cheated sleep. Here’s how.

For a year of my life, I cheated sleep. Looking for extra hours in the day, I decided to try something called “polyphasic sleep,” where I slept for a smaller chunk at night, and supplemented that with naps through the day. On that schedule, I was able to cut my sleep from 8 hours to 4.5 hours. …


In San Francisco, preschoolers can now learn STEM with 3D printing and laser cutters

San Francisco<p>A few weeks ago, at the Bay Area Discovery Museum (BADM) near San Francisco, 5-year-old Jack Stabenow climbed a step stool to peer into a machine that cuts cardboard with a high-powered laser. The red beam precisely followed a squiggly building design that Jack had just finger-drawn on …

Fab Lab
Creative Writing

The complete guide to working out before work

Life inevitably gets in the way of your gym date. That’s why people who exercise in the morning are more likely to stick with it, Barbara Brehm, a professor of exercise and sport studies at Smith College in Massachusetts and author of the recently released textbook, <i>Psychology of Health and Fitness</i>, …

College & University

Bill Gates Recommends These 9 Books to Make You a Better Entrepreneur and a Better Person

One of the giants of the last century opens up on what to read to get ahead.<p>It is rare that we have the opportunity to peer into the minds of titans, to follow along as they expand their knowledge and refine their way of thinking. With most, we are limited to the books they write and their public …


Apple is annoying people who want to buy its computers

Just over a year ago, Apple introduced its newest laptop, the wonderfully thin—but woefully underpowered—MacBook. It’s since been updated with a more powerful processor and more memory, but it’s still relatively underpowered, compared with Apple’s flagship laptop, the MacBook Pro, and far more …

MacBook Air
College & University

10 Ways to Make a Great First Impression, According to a Harvard Psychologist

Amy Cuddy says people answer one question when they first meet you -- and that answer lays the foundation for a business relationship.<p>Say you meet a new potential customer, a potential employer, or anyone with whom you want to establish a business relationship.<p>Which matters more:<p>Showing that you're …

Federica Mogherini

Even as an adult, learning a second language changes your brain

Conventional wisdom suggests it may well be easier to learn a second language as a child than as an adult. But for adults who do take the linguistic leap, what sort of factors influence how well they acquire another tongue?<p>In a new study published this week by the Proceedings of the National …

National Academy of Sciences
San Francisco