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6 Yummy Takes on Avocado Toast

Check out the latest healthy breakfast obsession<p>In addition to being totally delicious, avocados are packed with healthy fats and potassium. So why not add 'em to your boring old toast instead of butter or jam? It's super quick (maybe even faster than these five-minute breakfasts that are actually …

The Ultimate Boot-Camp Workout

Tired of your usual gym routine? Us too. So we talked to Stacy Berman, certified trainer and head of Stacy’s Boot Camp in New York City. The result? A six-week workout plan from the new <i>WH</i> book, <i>The Big Book of Exercises</i>. It'll whip you into shape--guaranteed!<p><b>Week 1:</b><br>5-minute warm-up jog or jump</b> …

The Easiest Way to Look 10 Pounds Thinner

The four-move workout that improves your posture and boosts your confidence<p>There's a good reason why your mom always told you not to slouch. Besides the instant confidence boost you get, studies show that having good posture helps alleviate back pain, strengthens your abdominal muscles, and …

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Just in time for #StrapSaturday I received my custom leather strap from @leatherworksbyemre yesterday evening. Best strap I have ever owned. I highly recommend!! Plus the color looks great with the Nixon Chronicle.

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12 Toxic Thoughts You Need To Drop For A Better Life

One of my mottoes is “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life!” I’m a big believer that our thoughts and emotions shape our experiences. The problem …


Training advice - The Running Bug

How to Eat Healthy

en_US<p>article<p>Learn how to eat healthy now.<p>http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/how-eat-healthy.html<p>Lifehack<p>2013-12-06T05:24:42-05:00

60 Things To Be Thankful For In Life

10 Things To Stop Caring About If You Want To Be Happier

It’s time to care less. Yep, that’s right. Sometimes we take the world on our shoulders, and instead of making the world a better place, all we end …


10 Things That People Love About You

It’s about time you stop putting yourself down! Each and every one of us was put on this earth to impart our wisdom to the world. We have so much to …


Print It: Beginner 10-K Training Plan

A 10-K training schedule meant for newer runners or those running their first 10-K<p>At 6.2 miles, the 10-K is just long enough to be a training-worthy challenge—and if you haven’t raced the distance before, you’ll notch an instant personal best.<p>This training plan from Kim Maxwell, a running coach …

Submariner & The FT


This is my dream house. Do we have the same tastes ? (by Crone Partners)

Lose 10 Pounds in Six Weeks, Intermediate Running Program: Training Plan

Drop 10 pounds with our all-new running fitness plan<p>If you can run for about 30 minutes straight—at any speed—this plan's for you. (If not, check out our run/walk program to build you up to 30 minutes). At the end of six weeks you'll be able to do a full hour on the road—and you'll score a killer …

Oh, Santa Ana

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Aquatic Sports

Simple Springtime Dishes

Simple Springtime Dishes

Simple Springtime Dishes

Simple Springtime Dishes

Lose 10 Pounds or More: Training Plan

Your secret weapon if you want to break the double-digit barrier and lose 10 pounds--or more? Strength training. Adding resistance builds muscle and helps you burn more calories during (and after!) your workout, says Tom Holland, author of <i>Beat the Gym</i>. In fact, researchers found that women who did …

The Weight-Room Cardio Workout

Think lifting weights can't get your blood pumping? Try this two-for-one circuit created by Brett Hoebel, 20-Minute Body creator and former trainer on NBC's <i>The Biggest Loser</i>. It utilizes total-body resistance moves that fatigue your muscles, and it's done at a fast pace with short rest breaks to …

The Fast-and-Furious Interval Routine

Get a full cardio workout in just 20 minutes with this interval routine<p>When you're short on time, your best bet for an efficient and effective workout is amping up the intensity of your slow-and-steady pace, which will burn more total calories each minute during your workout—and, some speculate, …