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Social Academy

Every one of us will have a different perception of a <i>dream social life</i>.<p>For some, it will be having close friends to confide in. For others, it might …


I Have no Personality

Help! I Have no Personality!<p>There’s a lot of ways to phrase it.<p>Having no personality.<p>Being boring.<p>Uninteresting.<p>You know the funny thing? In my years …


Learn to Overcome Shyness from Home

Bad Advice on Shyness Sucks.<p>When I was first getting into music production everyone kept parroting the name GarageBand at me and telling me that a …


Social Anxiety Test: Do I Have Social Anxiety?

It’s normal to feel a little shy from time to time. Maybe you get a little nervous when you walk into a party and you don’t know anyone, or you might …


Social Anxiety, Social Phobia Test

Social Anxiety Disorder Test: Do I Have Social Anxiety?

If you persistently feel awkward around others, or in public, you might wonder, "Do I have social anxiety?" This social anxiety test is designed to …


Do I have social anxiety? take this quiz and find out!

social anxiety circle<p>An often asked question these days: <b>Do I have social anxiety</b> or am I just shy? This page will give you the answer to that …


Social Anxiety Test by

Social Anxiety Test Online, Self Quiz<p>Take this short 10 question social anxiety test to see if you experience social anxiety, and if so, to what …


Social Anxiety Test

How well do you interact with small groups and crowds? Do social functions make you anxious? Getting nervous in social situations can be unpleasant …


Screening for Social Anxiety Disorder

If you suspect that you might suffer from social anxiety disorder, answer the questions below, print out the results, and share them with your health …


Online Social Anxiety Program Based on CBT

As seen in The Atlantic, Joyable’s online program is proven to reduce social anxiety. Joyable offers Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, which …


Social Anxiety Disorder Test

Do I have Social Anxiety Disorder?<p>This test helps determine if you suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder.<p>In each of the following situations, rate the …


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