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One of Us: A Searing Look at Sexual Abuse in the Jewish Community

Exploring a number of issues that the much buzzed-about documentary raises.


102-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Meets His Nephew for First Time

Eliyahu Pietruszka thought his entire family had died. Watch the moving video of him meeting the nephew he didnt know existed.


The $450 million da Vinci: Is It Worth It?

It all depends on who is its creator.


Hanukkah: Rock of Ages

Last year at this time I was preparing to freeze my eggs. This year, I’m planning my wedding.<p>One of the oldest Jewish communities in the world exists …

For Nerds Only: My Search for the Coveted SNES Classic

A 33-year-old boy finally grows up.

My Bar Mitzvah in Abu Dhabi

My Bar Mitzvah was a commitment to accept life’s true messiness and to take responsibility for my own.

Abu Dhabi

Germany Caves in to Kuwait Airlines’ Hateful Discrimination

The airline’s refusal to fly Israelis is discrimination, pure and simple, and has no place in the free world.


Jews and Zimbabwe: 7 Little-Known Facts

Unknown to many, Zimbabwe is home to a small Jewish community.

South Africa