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Mila J- Tell me where i'd be

Mila J - My Main ft. Ty Dolla $ign


Jasmine V - I Love Your Crazy

Jasmine V - That’s Me Right There ft. Kendrick Lamar

Dublin - 0 to 100/The Catch Up Freestyle (Drake Cover) (Official Video)

Sometimes in life you really do need to know who's real in your life. Because a person could tell you all the good things you wanna hear, but in the same breath turns around and stab you in the back talking hella crap. The ones who try to care to much, love you a little to hard, who wanna be in your life just a little too much are the ones you need to worry about. Call them when your having a good day I bet any amount of money they won't have time for you. But on a bad day, they will make it a priority to make you number 1 that day.

I just love me some me....


Peanut Live 215 Philly All Alone Remix

I always put my mack down, that's why u stay drooling over me

That's how we feeling today! :-P

Me & Malaisa going in on pics