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dbrand now makes skins for the Nintendo Switch that don’t damage the console’s exterior

Back when the Nintendo Switch launched, dbrand released a PSA about how the 3M adhesive that many skin makers used (including itself) would cause damage to the console’s exterior. After a year of RND with 3M, dbrand has created an adhesive that doesn’t leave a mark.<p>With dbrand now making skins for …

Nintendo Switch

It's time to stop 'celebrating' 420

Today is April 20, affectionately known by many as 420. It's the unofficial day for celebrating all things weed. But it's 2018, and it's time to take …


19 Jokes For Anyone Who Thinks Crystals Are Always The Answer

*shoves crystals in my pockets* HELP ME, ROCKS.


Reese's Sends Man Insane Care Package After Disappointing Peanut Butter Cup

You know what to expect from a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Namely, you expect peanut butter surrounded by chocolate covered in an orange wrapper. One …


30+ Clever And Funny Comics By Nathan W. Pyle That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At

Nathan W. Pyle is back with more of his signature comics, following on from a previous post, which combine simple, clean illustrations with a …


11 Good Tweets That Are Only Good And If They're Bad I'm Sorry

<i>The world is a nice and beautiful place and we are nice and beautiful people. Just kidding, everything and everybody sucks, including us. So, we got</i> …

Teen Mom

These Huge, Multi-Colored Squirrels Don't Even Look Real

They're found this way in the wild!<p>The animal looked too big to be a squirrel — more like a primate. This is what squirrel expert John Koprowski …


This dad's letter to a teacher defending his son deserves a massive A+

There was nothing sweeter at school than the surprise of having your parents take your side over the side of your teacher.<p>But if they actually</i> …


26 Very Funny Jokes That Will Really Hit Home For Anyone Who Loves Shopping At Target

"My wife hates snakes. But if they sold snakes at Target, we'd probably have a few snakes."


100 Sex Jokes That Are 100% Funny And 100% Dirty

"I shaved for nothing."


Terraria spin-off Otherworld has been cancelled

The game fell too far behind schedule.<p>Terraria: Otherworld has had a rough old time since developer Re-Logic announced it in 2015. A year later it …

PC Gaming

Literallllly 19 Tweets From This Week That Are Hilarious

LOL @ the woman in Marshall's with a glass of wine.

Ben Affleck

The secret 'front face' of Peppa Pig has been revealed and your child won't be happy - Cornwall Live

It was too long ago that the true Cornish roots of Peppa Pig’s mummy, Mummy Pig, but now a new revelation about the kids’ favourite cartoon character.<p>…

Peppa Pig

The Best iOS Racing App without In-App Purchases

I love gaming on my iPhone, and I am happy to pay for an app. But too often, I’ll get into a ‘free’ game only to end up spending more on in-app purchases than I ever would have on a single game for any regular gaming console. Which is why Riptide GP: Renegade is such a refreshing surprise. I spent …

Indie Gaming

15 Hilarious Digimon Vs Pokemon Memes

One of biggest franchises in pop culture over the last few decades has been <b>Pokémon</b>, which has expanded its reach from a video game brand to a …


Is 'Fortnite: Battle Royale' Catering Too Much To Casuals?

The worst accusation you can throw at a game these days as that it’s making changes to better appeal to the casual market. It’s kind of silly, given that by definition, the vast majority of players who play any popular game will likely be casual, but sometimes you <i>can</i> go too far with the concept, …

Mario Kart

That's One Small Leap For Jen...

John: "What are you working on?"Jen: "Finding cakes for National Moon Day."John: "Ok... so what's that, and what does it have to do with Moon …

Cake Decorating

Random: As The Pokémon Anime Hits 1000 Episodes, One Thing Is Clear: Ash Sucks At Pokémon

The very best? We don't think so


This Simulation Shows What Would Happen if Washington D.C. Got Nuked

The level of detail is crazy.<p>To better understand how a nuclear blast would devastate major urban centres, researchers have created the ultimate …

Virginia Tech

19 Friday The 13th Jokes Even Jason Voorhees Would Laugh At



Apple Sued an Independent iPhone Repair Shop Owner and Lost

Apple said an unauthorized repair shop owner in Norway violated its trademark by using aftermarket iPhone parts, but a court decided in favor of the shop owner.<p>Last year, Apple’s lawyers sent Henrik Huseby, the owner of a small electronics repair shop in Norway, a letter demanding that he …


Weatherman has meltdown after the longest winter ever

At this point, everyone is pretty much ready to never think about winter again.<p>But not as much as Garry Frank.<p>The Fox 17 weather reporter was giving …


YouTube’s clickbait problem reaches new heights

One creator faces backlash over salacious Fortnite video<p>YouTube is suffering from a clickbait epidemic — and has been for years. A recent video, however, caught the attention of almost every major creator and the community-at-large, reigniting conversation about the growing problem.<p>The video was by …


Passive Aggressive Cakes

Everybody loves getting a cake, right?Well, unless it's one of these.Hah! Wait, you <i>are</i> joking, right? Uh, yeah, I think maybe I'll pass - thanks, …

Cake Decorating

16 rib-tickling jokes that are guaranteed to get a laugh every time

According to those that tell them…<p>Having a dynamite joke can get you out of trouble or just be a neat party trick, and this collection is packed to …


24 Funny Cat Memes For National Pet Day 2018 That Are Just Hilariously True

It’s safe to say that cats, as a pet, are a lot more polarizing than dogs. Almost everyone loves dogs — they are generally really easy to get along …


Stubborn Bunny Cleverly Dismantles Each Hurdle That Crosses Her Path During an Agility Contest

During an agility contest at the Calgary Zoo on March 31, 2018, a long-haired bunny named BrandyWine quite ingeniously dismantled each jump hurdle …


The Debug Code Has Been Found For Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

<b>It only took 13 years!</b>In the modern age of data mining, its not uncommon for nearly every game or patch’s secrets to be outed within weeks of …


New Honda Commercial Openly Says Your Kids Will Die In A Car Crash If You Buy A Different Brand

TORRANCE, CA—Touting the vehicle as the best in its class for preventing the gruesome demise of offspring, a commercial for the 2018 Honda City that …

Technological Change

Top Twitch streamers address ‘normies’ as Paul brothers head to platform

‘Is there actually any benefit business-wise?’<p>Twitch was a bizarre place to be this weekend, as some of the platform’s most popular personalities contended with Jake Paul and Logan Paul disrupting the ecosystem.<p>Most of the conversation between Twitch streamers like Destiny, Sodapoppin and xQc, the …