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"I am only here to help break the shackles that bind you through knowledge and truth. It is up to you to stand up and walk out of the prison of your mind." - ChronamutChronamut, aka Shawn Dall, is an artist, a musician, a producer, a writer, a poet and a spiritual leader of dichotomy consciousness. You can find links to all of his stuff in the about section of his site below - http://shawndall.comhe has made over 320 songs, written and published his own book, teaches spirituality to over 1000 people and has helped awaken over 100 peoples higher selves, showcases his work on youtube and teaches people skin and haircare tips, and has showcased his work in galleries shows and restaurants in Hamilton and Toronto. He currently is using all the money he earns to fund bringing his partner up to Canada from the USA to live with him.Shawn is a societal rebel. His posts are highly spiritual and he aims to break barriers and make people think outside the box. A bit rough around the edges Shawn is a tough love teacher, a