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The Associated Press has named photographer Muhammed Muheisen, frequently honored for his striking photos of people in their everyday environment, as its chief photographer for the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan. To see more of his award-winning photos, visit Photo Caption: An Afghan boy stands on a roadside hoping to sell his balloons during sunset in Kabul, Afghanistan. #APPhoto by @mmuheisen #MuhammedMuheisen #AP #Afghanistan #Pakistan #MiddleEast #balloons #sunset #silhouette #Kabul

Father's Day: 20 uplifting quotes

A visitor enjoying both rain and a sunset in Yellowstone National Park. Photo: Manish Mamtani

August 24, 2014 "Motivated" His face twisted with frustration when I asked him why Ferguson was so quiet. "Mr. Carter" said he was really frustrated with how short the demonstrations lasted. He also turned away from me repeatedly threatening to give up and return home. He also claimed that he was a huge supporters of Michael Brown. "His death is screaming out for justice. I am out here to inform the community that the leaders before us failed us, and that it is my duty to uprise this new generation and youth." #oggl_ig #blackportraiture #documentary #michaelbrown #ferguson #streetportrait #streetphotography #igers #instamood #webstagram #makeportraits #makeportrait #sonya7

Photo @ladzinski / An #IsabellasLongwing Butterfly colorfully perched and spotted while hiking through the humid canopy outside of #RioDeJaneiro Brazil. @natgeocreative @3stringsproductions #Earth365

Jockeys Ridge

An exquisite capture by #lonelyplanet photographer @timgerardbarker of the #Hanoi #Vietnam sky at dusk (last evening of the #midautumnfestival). #SEasia #travel

Photograph by @stephsinclairpix (Stephanie Sinclair) from my half way show at Nat Geo HQ last week. Now #onassignment to finish our story on #Kumari, Nepal's Living Goddesses. Kumari is the tradition of worshiping young pre-pubescent #girls as manifestations of the divine female energy or devi in Hindu religious traditions. Thousands of the country's Hindus and Nepali Buddhists will come out this week for Kumāri Jātrā, where the Royal Kumari will be taken around the city in a chariot procession. #beauty #rose #livinggoddess #thecolorred

What road rules? #noir #procamera7 #iphone #bnw #1son #blackandwhite

Aug 28, 2014 at 4:06am UTC

On my way to #seattle for tonight's #nfl opener......somewhere over #SanFrancisco . #areyoureadyforsomefootball

Girl in the last days of summer at Harlem pond. #girl #lastdaysofsummer #summer #latergram #central_park #newyork #iphoneonly #iphonephotography #photodocumentary #harlem #soha #harlempond

JFK Sky. NY.

Photo by @paleyphoto (Matthieu Paley). The 64 residents of the remote east #Greenland village of Isortoq still hunt and fish but combine traditional #Inuit foods with purchases from the supermarket, the large red building in the foreground. A favourite dish: seal dipped in ketchup and mayonnaise. Could eating like our ancestors make us healthier? Check out the "Evolution of Diet" story this month in National Geographic! Great text by Ann Gibbons. For the FULL IMAGE SERIES, go to @paleyphoto. #food #latergram #evolutionofdiet #paleodiet @thephotosociety @natgeocreative

A Cambodian soldier poses for a photo outside of Prey Sar Prison ( also known as S24 ) in Phnom Penh Cambodia. The prison holds a large number of foreign nationals who’ve committed crimes in Cambodia. A good rule to remember when wondering around a third world city where you don’t know the language is never to enter any buildings where the countries official flag is hanging outside.

Sep 6, 2014 at 2:54pm UTC

Siblings step through a sheet of mist. St. Paul, MN.

Photo @coryrichards Mans best friend and ultimate companion in herding and range management. #johnhelle of @duckworthco surveys his sheep from a hill top after a long day of shearing. On assignment for @natgeo @thephotosociety @natgeocreative @3stringsproductions @and_mann @ladzinski

Photo @coryrichards Dirt, sweat, and sun caked on at the end of a long hard day shearing. #EvanHelle and @alyssa_mt in a moment between. En route to check the sheep one last time before calling it in for the night. Shot on assignment for @natgeo. @3stringsproductions @thephotosociety @natgeoparks @natgeocreative

Photo @pedromcbride (Pete McBride) Sleeping or standing horses? #Aerial perspective of a Colorado ranch on the banks of the Colorado River. Over 70% of the river’s water goes toward #agriculture of which much of it is used to grow hay to feed livestock. I shot this photo for @natgeo leaning out a small plane flying 90 mph. Honored to see it in PDN’s current Crusaders Story- Image Makers as Advocates. @americanrivers @thephotosociety #raisetheriver #birdseyeview #shadows #perspective #petemcbride

last night was fun. @holyghostnyc #holyghost #houseofvans @1inajoy @carzzzfarzzz @cornphoto

@paulnicklen on assignment for @natgeo. Emperor Penguins rocket to the surface. They release millions of micro bubbles from their feathers in order to reduce the amount of friction between their bodies and the water, allowing them to accelerate to much greater speeds to avoid leopard seal predation. Leopard seals hide under the ice edge, waiting to ambush the penguins at this moment when they are most vulnerable. @sea_legacy @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #nature #wildlife #penguins #picoftheday #instagramhub #marineprotectedareas

Happy Labor Day everyone! We hope you got a chance to visit America’s public lands this holiday weekend. This photo was taken in Isle Royale National Park. Explore a rugged, isolated island where wolves and moose abound, far from the sights and sounds of civilization. Surrounded by Lake Superior, Isle Royale offers unparalleled solitude and adventures for backpackers, hikers, boaters, kayakers, canoeists and scuba divers. Here, amid stunning scenic beauty, you'll find opportunities for reflection and discovery, and make memories that last a lifetime. Photo Adam Jewell


a throwback to the last 2 times I've seen #altj, cause I get to see them again tonight @lprnyc !! @kelfishdifaz

Carl Darenberg, RIP. Photographed on August 11, 2014, at The Dock, in Montauk.

Manu! Shot as quick flash example for class #PSW14 #D4S #nikonambassador

Longleaf pines cast long shadows in morning fog hanging low over the Everglades Headwaters near Orlando. Rainfall here rehydrates the Floridan Aquifer and also flows south through the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes toward Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades. The rare longleaf pine forests provide essential habitat for the Florida Wildlife Corridor (@fl_wildcorridor). Photo by @carltonward. Stay tuned as this Instagram tour continues traveling north through the heart of the Peninsular Florida.