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Unarmed Mississippi man died after 20-minute police chokehold, witnesses say

Witnesses have told Mississippi state investigators that an unarmed black man died after being kept in a chokehold by a police officer for more than 20 minutes and denied CPR, according to his family’s attorneys, who said an autopsy confirmed he was fatally strangled.<p>Mississippi police accused of …


Attachment Re-visited: 7 Red Flag Signs of Poor Boundaries

How do you protect yourself in this world? How do you ensure that the things you care for are protected on a daily basis? One way we protect ourself …

Emotional Intelligence

This Dad Is Overcome With Emotion When His Son Surprises Him With A Home

Best gift ever.

3 Simple Ways to Control Your Emotions in the Moment

Maybe this has happened to you.<p>You’re doing something important, like being interviewed for a new job, preparing for a presentation, or even on your …

Emotional Intelligence

How Sleep Resets The Brain's 'Emotional Compass'

As most of us know all too well, lack of sleep and a bad mood often go hand-in-hand.<p>But a poor night's sleep doesn't just put a damper on your own emotions. New research from The University of California, Berkeley suggests that it may also hinder your ability to accurately read the emotions of …

Study: Emotionally aware children are also more focused and pay better attention

Emotional intelligence is a skill often lauded for its importance in teamwork and leadership, but a new study shows it may also relate to how we focus and pay attention.<p>In a study published in April by <i>Kindheit und Entwicklung</i> (“Childhood and Development”), psychologists Maria von Salisch and Martha …