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How to Stop Overthinking

Overthinking is a byproduct of trying to control. The "human" part of our being believes that we can think our way to safety and resolution when in fact, it is a combination of our left (thinking) brain and our right (intuitive/creative) brain that we form the best decisions and conclusions for our …


9 Surprising Signs You May Be Smarter Than Average

Researchers found that a higher IQ score could be an indicator of some curious behaviors.<p>Conventional wisdom may point to smart people having advanced levels of cognition, creativity, or emotional intelligence, but if you ever wondered whether you belong with the brainy bunch, these nine signs may …

Albert Einstein

This Dog Found A Box Of Tiny Abandoned Kittens And Became Their Foster Dad

Can't breathe, too cute.<p>Cats and dogs aren’t known for their companionship, but when a dog called Aragon found a box of abandoned kittens, he put …

6 ways the First Order could defeat the Resistance in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

From D23 Expo in Anaheim to San Diego Comic Con, information on The Last Jedi has slowly been revealed.<p>In December we will finally see Rian Johnson’s …

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Bees Are Now Officially On The U.S. Endangered Species List

So, this is bad news<p>In what is obviously terrible news for anyone familiar with cinematic classic <i>Bee Movie</i> (and, you know, in possession of a minimum degree of knowledge with regard to overall environmental health), it’s been announced that a species of bumble bee will be placed on the endangered …

The World’s Oceans Are Losing Oxygen. Here’s Why That’s a Big Problem

Oceans across the globe are slowly losing oxygen, which poses a major problem for every living marine animal and underscores the serious consequences …

Global Warming

The Moon, the Sun, and the Star Inbetween. - Silvershine - Star Wars Episode VII

Tags<p>Summary<p>The Force moves in mysterious ways, and sometimes it even has its own agenda. Rey finds herself caught in a battle with fate that throws …

ReyloFans|Star Wars

Hello!! I have a theory about the knights of Ren and clear some unknowns that perhaps can contribute with their theories! Well while I was gathering …

50 Shades of Rey

In the world of Force Awakens fan fiction, the notion of hero and villain getting together is popular, controversial, and might suggest the future of Star Wars.<p>Until very recently, the 27-year-old New Yorker who goes by the online alias Ricca was not a <i>Star Wars</i> fan. She’d seen the prequels at some …

Star Wars

ReyloFans|Star Wars

ReyloFans|Star Wars

#Reylo 💗

ReyloFans|Star Wars

ReyloFans|Star Wars

ReyloFans|Star Wars

Reylo...cause your mine...

[Mild Spoilers] Reylo feat. Skeptical Friend

How Reylo Will Happen In Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi (If It's Being Considered)

5 "Must Haves" for REYLO Theory to Prevail - (Better Audio)

Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi Kylo Ren's Feelings For Rey Revealed!

Kylo & Rey (Reylo) ~ Clarity

Kylo Ren & Rey [Reylo] Evermore

Reylo 101: Why Reylo Belongs in Star Wars

Reylo 101: Controversy vs. Canon

The Reylo Corner: A Conversation With Vincent Vendetta

REYLO Star Wars Theory - Could it happen? Should it happen?

Kylo: I found the Sith holocron Rey: Can it help us kill Snoke? Kylo: Contains knowledge from the great Revan

Rey looks like Bastila more and more. I've always told, that #reylo reminds me of Revan/Bastila

Reylo (Part 1) - Star Wars Theory