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Google Just Changed The App Launcher Icon in Chrome OS

The new app launcher icon<b>An all-new Chrome OS App Launcher icon has appeared in the latest development channel release.</b> As spotted by Anjo Cerdeña …



PIN Unlock is Coming to Chromebooks

<b>The Smart Unlock feature for Chromebooks makes it super easy to log back in to your Chromebook: you just need to have your Android phone with you.</b><p>But …


How to Open Google Chrome Settings in a Separate Window

When you access Chrome’s settings, they are opened in a new tab. If you tend to have a lot of tabs open and don’t want the settings to open on yet …


How To Use A USB 3.0 Monitor With A Chromebook [video]

Secondary monitors are a great aid to productivity, especially for devices with screens smaller than 15 inches. Extra screen real estate gives users …

Chrome 52 for Android adds smoother video playback w/ faster loads & less battery drain

Google today highlighted some notable improvements for video playback in the latest Chrome 52 release for Android now rolling out to Google Play.<p>With the update, Google says you should experience an overall smoother video experience, including faster load times and less drain on your device’s …


Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts - Teacher Tech

As we go back to school, let’s teach our students how to access keyboard shortcuts on the Chromebook. This not only increases digital literacy for …

Keyboard Shortcuts

Universities must enter the digital age or risk facing irrelevance

(THOMAS LOHNES / GETTY IMAGES)<p><b>The old model of a teacher delivering a one-way message through a lecture is no longer engaging 21st-century students.</b><p><i>This post was co-written with Alex Tapscott.</i><p>If there is one institution due for innovation, it's the university. It's time for a deep debate on how …


24 Teachers Share the Most Ridiculous Things Parents Have Ever Said to Them

It takes a special kind of patience to conquer the challenges of being a teacher. You're faced with temper tantrums, bullying, utter refusals to acknowledge reality – oh, and you have to deal with the kids, too.<p>A recent Reddit thread invited teachers to spill the details on the most absurd things …


How Can High-Poverty Schools Engage Families and the Community?

Photo credit: City Year via flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)William Parrett and Kathleen BudgeEducation EquityHigh-poverty schools can involve students' …


‘Training for Google Apps’ Is One Of Chrome’s Best Kept Secrets

<b>Do you ever start using a Google service and feel like you really don’t know how to use it properly?</b>I feel that way quite often with Google Docs and …


Reset your Chromebook hardware - Chromebook Help

To fix some Chromebook problems, you might need to reset your Chromebook hardware, also called a hard reset.<p>A hard reset will restart your Chromebook …


Genius Hour Resources

<i>Genius Hour is a time given during the school day to allow students to follow their passions and learn about topics that interest them. My gifted 5th</i> …


20Time - Community

I'm trying 20 Time for the first time this year. Some of my 8th grade students have projects that my admin is wanting a permission slip/release of …

How to reduce data usage with Data Saver on Google Chrome

While most us never pay heed to the amount of data you use on your Android device, every single Kilobyte counts when it comes out of your expensive …


Chrome Browser

Get on the bleeding edge of the web<p>Google Chrome Canary has the newest of the new Chrome features.<br>Be forewarned: it's designed for developers and …

GLT Library: 6-8 Titles

Lit Trip Library<p>We are deeply grateful to the amazing members of the GLT Global ED community. Thank you for your creativity, collaborations, and …


How Do We Know When Technology Helps—or Hurts—the Classroom? Educators at ISTE Weigh In

“We dropped over $10,000 last year on a math product, but I’m not sure if it’s really helped our students learn.”Sound familiar?"Regardless of the …


7 Leadership Truths That Are Simple In Concept, But Not So Simple To Live

When it comes to leadership, you can’t lead others–effectively–until you know how to lead yourself. I was recently asked during a pre-interview what I learned about leadership after serving 13 years in the military, and I told the interviewer that I had to think about it because, quite honestly, I …


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25 Things Successful Teachers Do Differently 💪🏆💡 (by @TeachThought & @MrsH61210) #edchat #education #edtech #engchat

The Edtech Industry Has 'Created a Mess'—Q&A with Mike Dorsey and Alan November

Alan November is a big-name educational consultant who was once a champion of technology in the classroom. But after EdSurge talked to him at ISTE, …


ISTE 2016: 5 Tech Trends Reshaping Education

By Meg ConlanExpert Jason Ohler offers his thoughts on major technological trends that impact teachers and students.


What happens when we shift the focus away from grades and instead to learning? via @mssackstein #edchat #sblchat

New #sketchnote: 10 Reasons Why Every Teacher Needs a #PLN cc @dougpete #edtech #edchat

Student Autonomy, Compliance, and Intrinsic Motivation

Maurice EliasSocial and Emotional LearningThe pressures of education today seem to be tilting the balance toward order and compliance, and this can …


Why Social and Emotional Learning Is Essential for Students

Photo credit: Steven Depolo via flickr (CC BY 2.0)Roger WeissbergSocial and Emotional LearningLearn more about the critical role that social and …