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Google Maps Comes To Apple Watch

At Google’s press event today, the company announced a number of new products and updates, including two new Nexus smartphones, two Chromecast devices, a new Android tablet and more, but one thing it kept under wraps was news of a notable new application arriving on the iOS platform: Google Maps …


How we all feel about the Facebook privacy hoax

No, not again.

It seems like every few months, the same inexperienced, unknowing or completely ignorant people share a status that says Facebook is either going to charge you money or is going to steal your photos, data, copyright, consciousness or something of the like. The status is generally a …


This startup just got another $30 million to take on Salesforce

Base now counts 6,500 customers, including Cisco, Dow, and Stryker.

Scrappy six-year-old sales software startup Base makes no secret of its ambition to win over accounts unhappy with’s well-established customer relationship management (CRM) application.

Early on, many venture …


New Nexus phones, Chromecast 2, and Pixel C tablet: All the new gadgets Google just announced

At the tech megacorporation's fall festival of product announcements, Google focused on new devices and services based around its Android 6 …


Review: JBL’s new Xtreme Bluetooth speaker goes big on sound and design

JBL first announced its new Xtreme Bluetooth speaker back in July alongside the revamped Flip 3. It is the largest and most expensive speaker in JBL’s portable Bluetooth lineup. As such, slim and quiet are not terms that we’d use to describe this new product. Instead, JBL has packed this speaker …

I ditched Google Maps for Apple Maps, and I'm not going back

With iOS 9, Apple's recent software update for iPhones and iPads, the company largely focused on improving its core apps — including Apple Maps.

The new version of Apple Maps finally offers public-transit directions, which many rival navigation apps have included for years.

The new public-transit …

Google Maps

Smartphone camera shootout: how the iPhone 6S Plus takes on the competition

Deep trench isolation. Retina flash. 4K video. These aren’t just fancy terms used by Apple to market its new cameras — though, they are that, too. At this point, these are expectations. With smartphone makers offering increasingly advanced cameras to consumers, it’s almost easy to forget that when …


These 10 up-and-coming startups are on Goldman Sachs' radar

Which startups are on the radar of one of the biggest investment firms in the world?

You might be surprised.

In a research report this week, Goldman Sachs interviewed executives from ten startups from around the world that they're interested in.

These startups aren't billion-dollar companies — they're …


Facebook Takes Next Step Towards Becoming Publishing Powerhouse - Updates ‘Notes’

Last month, reports circulated that Facebook was testing a new version of its ‘Notes’ blogging option to become more of a player in the long-form …


ARM Server Cloud in Full Swing, Online Builds Bare Metal Cloud on Power Servers

One accusation nobody can level against the team behind French service provider Online’s hosting and cloud services business is being hesitant to …

Cloud Computing

5 ways ‘Hey Siri’ will change your life for the better

iOS 9’s new always-on “Hey Siri” feature promises to be a game changer for iPhone 6s-owning users of Apple’s AI assistant. For the first time ever, these owners won’t have to plug in their handsets in order to use Siri’s new voice activation tech.

So how exactly will this untethered “Hey Siri” …

Voxelus launches code-free, user generated VR content creation platform

Voxelus, a new VR startup, has launched a content creation platform that lets anyone design their own 3D worlds and populate them with customizable shapes and animated characters.

Designed as an easy, user-generated platform to create virtual reality games, experiences and virtual spaces, it caters …

Waze cofounder tells us how his company's $1 billion sale to Google really went down

In the weeks that preceded Google's $1.15 billion purchase of the Israeli map app Waze in 2013, there was a constant stream of leaks about the deal, and about a bidding war between Google, Facebook, and Apple.

The sale was a milestone for Israel's young but huge startup community: The first Israeli …


Rental startup RentMethod shuts down, Airbnb snaps up founders | VentureBeat | Business

Correction: This is not a formal acquisition. RentMethod is shutting down and two of its founders have joined Airbnb.

The founders of apartment rental company RentMethod have joined Airbnb and will be shuttering their company on August 31. Customers who used RentMethod are being encouraged to port …


On-Demand Massage Startup Soothe Unwinds With $10.6M In New Funding

Soothe, which sends massage therapists to clients’ homes, is smoothing its expansion with $10.6 million in new funding. The startup’s new round was led by The Riverside Company and will be used to hire key employees, improve its platform’s technology, and acquire new users with the goal of turning …


New Company Helps SaaS Applications Work Behind Firewall

Replicated, a company that wants to help SaaS vendors ship an on-premises version of their applications more easily, made a series of announcements today including a $1.5M seed round and several Beta customers.

The company is taking advantage of Docker containerization technology to build a solution …


A startup that sells $1 razors is now worth $615 million thanks to campaigns like, 'Our blades are f---ing great!'

Dollar Shave Club, with its slogan "Our Blades Are F---ing Great," just got valued at $615 million.

The Los Angeles-based startup launched three years ago with an idea to steal market share from razor powerhouse, Gillette. CEO Michael Dubin promised a better price point: for $1 a month, Dollar Shave …

Viral Videos

Now You Can Buy Amazon's Artificially Intelligent Robot Speakers

Amazon Echo, the voice-controlled smart speakers, are officially on sale for the general public.

At first glance, Amazon's Echo seems to be a Wi-Fi-connected Bluetooth speaker with something like Siri's long lost cousin built in. And while that's not inaccurate, Amazon is clearly going for something …


API-Based Money Mover Currency Cloud Taps Sapphire Ventures And Rakuten For $18M

Startups that help people send money to each other or pay for goods and services online have been growing like weeds, fuelled by consumer demand, increasingly ubiquitous connected devices to make and receive the funds, and VCs eager to profit from their growth. Now a startup that has built …


Instagram Gets Newsy With Trends And Place Search For Exploring Anything, Anywhere

Instagram has real-time coverage of almost everything happening in the world. Now its unlocking that content with a revamped Explore tab featuring Trending Tags, Trending Places, curated content, plus a new Places Search. You’ll be able to see all the photos from Father’s Day or Coachella, scope …


iPad Pro, What We Know So Far

We have heard various rumors about the new iPad Pro over the last few months, the device is expected to launch in September along with the new iPhone …


Why Ford is partnering with a hot 3D printing startup

Ford has teamed with fast-rising 3D-printing startup Carbon3D, whose technology can build 3D-printed objects.

The next time you take your car out for a spin, imagine how much more comfortable it would be if your steering wheel perfectly conformed to the shape of your hand.

Ford Motor Company …


These 25 Successful Startups Were Built With Outsourced Development

Starting a venture and developing your product or service requires working quickly and efficiently. You need to ensure your startup offers value in terms of innovation, quality and convenience, even though you have limited resources and may be racing against the competition to be first to …


After raising $1 million, the super-thin CST-01 watch won't make it to Kickstarter backers

Nearly two years after "the world's thinnest watch" was supposed to arrive to Kickstarter backers, the project has announced that it's pretty much done for. It's a disappointing update in the long saga of the $1 million campaign for CST-01, what was once supposed to be a stylish, 0.80mm-thick E Ink …

This cockroach-inspired robot will scurry right into your nightmares

Things that scurry are hard to predict. They're nervous and quick — and no one likes a small, nervous, quick thing. But one robot seems to be going against the grain. It's a cockroach-inspired machine, and it might give you nightmares.

Before it was round, the cuboid robot just got stuck

When I think …

Docker, CoreOS, Google, Microsoft, Amazon And Others Come Together To Develop Common Container Standard

Docker, CoreOS, Google, Microsoft and Amazon are now working on a new standard for software containers with the help of the Linux Foundation. Other members of this coalition include Apcera, Cisco, EMC, Fujitsu Limited, Goldman Sachs, HP, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Joyent, Mesosphere, Pivotal, Rancher …


Why Google, IBM, and Intel are backing this hot technology

A group of leading companies are joining forces to back a hot data center technology called a container.

A group of leading companies including Amazon, Google, Goldman Sachs, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM are joining forces to help make an emerging data center technology easier to use by creating an …


Y Combinator grad SigOpt scores $2M from Andreessen Horowitz and Data Collective to optimize everything | VentureBeat | Business

SigOpt, a Y Combinator grad, has raised a $2M seed round from Andreessen Horowitz and Data Collective to provide world-class data science and optimization as a service. SigOpt’s promise is to optimize everything and anything — from digital ads, to shaving cream, to synthetic biotech products — …


Get your 3D printers ready: Sketchfab raises $7 million to be the world's 3D file hub | VentureBeat | Deals

Sketchfab, a web service that lets users upload, download, and share 3D content, announced a $7 million series A round led by FirstMark Capital, and the collaboration of past investors Balderton, Partech, Borealis, and TechStars’s new venture fund. FirstMark’s managing director, Matt Turck, will be …


WayBlazer, the travel cognitive computing startup, lands $5M

IBM is a lead investor in a $5 million Series A funding round for WayBlazer, a travel search and discovery company that licenses Watson cognitive …