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Fracking Can Cause Social Stress in Nearby Areas

The question of opening the Northern Territory and South Australia to fracking has re-ignited concerns about environmental and health …


In a world where alternative facts are a thing, researchers are interested more than ever by people who remain entrenched in their convictions – even …


The Trump Administration Just Started The Process to Drill in The Arctic

"Americans should be outraged".


Michael Bloomberg Has Promised to Pay For The US Share of The Paris Accord

This weekend, in a moment of pure heroism, the former Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, promised to uphold America's financial commitment to …

Clean Technology

President Trump Celebrated Earth Day by Attacking Environmental Regulations

On April 22, millions of people from around the world joined together to celebrate Earth Day - an annual event that seeks to "diversify, educate and …

Trump Administration

The Gender Gap in Science Could Take Generations to Fix, Study Says

Interventions are needed for change.

Social Sciences

The US Is Entering a Clean Energy Revolution Despite Trump's Support of Coal

Can't stop the future.

Renewable Energy

A Scientist Has Started a New Hashtag to Increase The Visibility of Bisexual People in Science

Diversity makes science better.


Wealthy Americans Overestimate How Much They Know About Food And Nutrition

Socioeconomics play a significant role in attitudes about food – especially concerns about safety and purchasing behavior. And higher income doesn't …

Income Inequality

Want People to Accept The Facts on Climate Change? It's a Republican You Need, Not a Scientist

It may sound odd, but Republicans might be more persuasive than scientists when it comes to dispelling myths about climate change.<p>A new study from …

Climate Change

The Amount of Food Americans Waste Every Day Is More Shocking Than Thought, Study Shows

Just eat your damn leftovers.


Bill Nye Just Congratulated a Climate Denier on His New Position as NASA Chief

On Thursday, the US Senate narrowly confirmed President Trump's controversial nominee for NASA administrator, Representative Jim Bridenstine.<p>Oddly …

Clean Technology

Elon Musk Comes to The Rescue After an Island-Wide Blackout in Puerto Rico

On Wednesday, without any warning, the entire island of Puerto Rico was struck by a complete power blackout, according to the local Electric Power …


A Shockingly Small Number of Earth's Population Still Have Access to Unpolluted Air

How's the air in your neighbourhood today? A new State of Global Air report suggests more than 95 percent of the planet's population currently have …


Secretary Zinke Thinks He's a Geologist Despite Never Working as One

Real geologists are peeved.


Trump's NASA Nominee Inches Forward Despite Criticism, Controversy And Scandal

The Senate is torn over Bridenstine.

Senate Committees

Bill Nye Takes on Creationists And Science Deniers

Focused on fighting denial.

Clean Technology

Scientists Demand Funding in Spain's Biggest Scientific Petition Ever

Show me the money.


Even if Scott Pruitt Is Booted, His Successor at The EPA Would Be a Coal Lobbyist

While the media was focused on administrator Scott Pruitt and his many scandals at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an important story …

Clean Technology

Companies Can Kill Wildlife With Impunity Under The Weakened Migratory Bird Treaty Act

Oil companies are the greatest beneficiaries.


The Only PhD Scientist in Congress Was Marching For Science This Weekend

One is the loneliest number.

Clean Technology

President Trump's Wall Would Be a Disaster For The Environment

President Trump has promised to build a wall along the US-Mexico border, but in a region rich with biodiversity, Trump's wall raises an important …


Scott Pruitt Broke The Law When He Installed a $43,000 Soundproof Phone Booth

The nearly $43,000 soundproof phone booth Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt had installed in his office last year violated …

Scott Pruitt

This Expat Scientist Is Returning to Trump's America to Stand Up For Science

Time to speak out with data.

National Science Foundation

The Best of The Best From This Year's March For Science

This Saturday, science advocates took to the streets to let the world know that science is real, it deserves public funding, and it should be …

Richard Dawkins

Zuckerberg Has Finally Laid to Rest The Biggest Conspiracy About Facebook's Ads

But many people will probably not believe him.

Social Media

New Zealand's Prime Minister Just Stood Up to One of The Most Powerful Industries in The World

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is doing everything in her power to wean New Zealand off fossil fuels.<p>This week, the New Zealand government announced …

New Zealand

Most Americans Want Their Kids to Learn About Climate Change, But Some States Aren't Listening

An overwhelming majority of Americans want their kids to learn about climate change in school, according to the Yale Program on Climate Change …

Clean Technology

Once Beyond The 'Glass Ceiling' Women Are Falling Off The 'Glass Cliff'

Taking the fall.


Yes - Scott Pruitt's LinkedIn Really Does List Him as a "Leading Advocate" Against The EPA

No joke.

Scott Pruitt