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Genetically modified plant may boost supply of a powerful malaria drug

Using a DNA study and genetic engineering, researchers tripled the amount of an antimalarial compound naturally produced by sweet wormwood plants.


Antioxidant found to wind back the clock on blood vessel function by up to 20 years

Much mystery surrounds the physiological processes by which humans age, but scientists are learning more all the time. With this knowledge come new …


Astronomers Witness a Galactic "Megamerger" from the Beginning of the Universe

It’s easy to take our quiet cosmic neighborhood for granted. Sure an asteroid might graze past Earth every now and then, but the sheer chaos that is …


Map Reveals How the World Could Switch to Solar Using a Tiny Amount of Land

An all-renewables future is not as outlandish as it seems.<p>A solar-powered society is not as unreasonable as it may seem. While Tesla CEO Elon Musk …

Central African Republic

Physicists control transitions between different states of matter

An international group of physicists managed for the first time to experimentally observe the transition between two states of matter, propagating …

Quantum Mechanics

High-power laser system generates ultrashort pulses of light covering a large share of the mid-infrared spectrum

Molecules are the building blocks of life. Like all other organisms, we are made of them. They control our biorhythm, and they can also reflect our …


Neutrons provide insights into increased performance for hybrid perovskite solar cells

Neutron scattering has revealed, in real time, the fundamental mechanisms behind the conversion of sunlight into energy in hybrid perovskite …


On-demand quantum state transfer and entanglement between remote microwave cavity memories

Altmetric: 20<p>More detail<p>Letter<p>Christopher J. Axline ORCID:,<br>• Luke D. Burkhart ORCID: …

Quantum Mechanics

This humanoid robot can mimic human movement in real time

Toyota has been working on humanoid robots for a while. It recently unveiled the THR-3 that’s built to test specific joints and movements by putting together a full body that can be controlled by a human operator. The robot can mimic a variety of human movements in real time.


Amazon is reportedly building a home robot. An expert explains how close we are to ‘The Jetsons’

Robots are already being used to build cars, perform surgeries and look after the elderly, but domestic robots may be coming to a home near you faster than you imagined.<p>That’s because Amazon has set in motion a “top-secret” plan to build a robot for the home, according to a stunning new report from …


Insects help scientists solve century-old evolution mystery - Futurity

New research digs into the mystery of polyploidy, the duplication of whole genomes, and finds connection between evolution in plants and animals by …


Facebook Inc.'s In-House AI Chip Is Bad News for Intel Corp.'s Nervana

Intel's bet on Nervana Systems looks like another dud.<p>In 2016, chip giant <b>Intel</b> (NASDAQ:INTC) acquired artificial intelligence chip start-up Nervana …

Machine Learning

How the virus behind ‘kissing disease’ may increase your risk for autoimmune diseases like lupus

When John Harley lost a friend to lupus while in medical school, he vowed to get to the bottom of the disease, a chronic autoimmune disorder that …

Autoimmune Diseases

Malaria infection creates a ‘human perfume’ that makes us more attractive to mosquitoes

The parasite that causes malaria can change the way you smell, making you more attractive to mosquitoes, according to a new study. The work may help …


Tiny shrimp may be mixing ocean water as much as the wind and waves

Ask any oceanographer how rich surface waters reach the ocean’s depths, and they will probably tell you two things: wind and waves. Now, a new study …

University of Cambridge

Did ancient Mesopotamians get high? Near Eastern rituals may have included opium, cannabis

<b>MUNICH, GERMANY—</b>For as long as there has been civilization, there have been mind-altering drugs. Alcohol was distilled at least 10,000 years ago in …


Autistic children may inherit DNA mutations from their fathers

There is no one gene that, when mutated, causes autism. But over the past decade, researchers have identified hundreds of gene variations that seem …


U.S. agencies clash over who should regulate genetically engineered livestock

A disease that kills millions of pigs a year may soon meet its match — if two federal agencies can agree on the idea.<p>Porcine reproductive and …


Indonesian divers have evolved bigger spleens to hunt underwater

Some of the most exciting discoveries in evolutionary biology in recent years have shown how humans have adapted to extreme conditions, such as …


Can a genetic weapon combat one of the world’s major crop destroyers?

The spotted wing fruit fly is one of the world’s major crop destroyers. Scientifically known as <i>Drosophila suzukii</i>, this peppercorn-size insect uses a …


Solar cells that work in low light could charge devices indoors

Imagine never having to charge your phone, e-reader, or tablet again. Researchers report that they have created solar cells that work at a record …

Clean Energy

Whale skulls act like antennas, CT scans reveal

Whales can sing, buzz, and even whisper to one another, but one thing has remained unknown about these gregarious giants: how they hear. Given the …


Scientists generate an atlas of the human genome using stem cells

Scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have generated an atlas of the human genome using a state-of-the-art gene editing technology and …


Viewpoint: Single Microwave Photons Spotted on the Rebound

April 23, 2018• <i>Physics</i> 11, 38<p>A cavity-confined qubit can register the reflection of a single microwave photon without destroying it.<p>APS/Alan …

Quantum Mechanics

How soon till we all fly in electric planes?

The trend toward e-cars is growing. But what about e-planes? It might not be long before we're zooming around in electric planes — at least for short …

Flying Car

Finger-prick test reveals fetus’s sex in the first trimester

Boy or girl? Pregnant women can now find out the sex of their fetus with a simple finger-prick test.<p>Until recently, expectant ​mothers usually had to …


Hay fever significantly boosts risk of depression and other psychiatric disease, new study finds

Suffering from hay fever or other common allergies significantly increases the risk of depression and anxiety, a major new study suggests.<p>Analysis of nearly 200,000 people showed for the first time a link between the so-called “three A’s” - allergic rhinitis (hay fever), asthma and atopic …

Mental Health

New imaging combo shows how cancer cells move - Futurity

A technique for viewing cancer cells could offer new insights into how cells operate and adapt to different physiological environments.

Cancer Cells

Hemp Can Fight Cancer Too, Reveal Scientists in New Cannabis Study

Not all marijuana-derived drugs need to get you high.<p>With one and a half million new cases diagnosed each year, scientists are on a continuous hunt …


Move Over, Double Helix: A New Form of DNA Has Just Been Discovered

This is the first time it's ever been seen in a living cell.<p>When we learn about human genetics in high school biology class, one of the most basic …