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20 Pictures To Show Anyone Who Disses India's Beauty

A picture's worth a thousand comebacks.


Is Gandhi still a hero to Indians?

A clay model of the statue<p><b>When Mahatma Gandhi came to London in 1931, he stayed in the poverty-stricken East End of the city, then visited struggling cotton mill workers in Lancashire.</b><p>Now he is to be honoured with a statue in London's Parliament Square, looking out over the Palace of Westminster in …


Ghosts of a nuclear disaster: Haunting scenes from Japan’s Fukushima ruins

Four years to the day after a devastating earthquake, UCLA researchers report back on Japan’s ongoing crisis<p>A 9.0-magnitude earthquake. A towering tsunami. And a partial nuclear meltdown. Four years to the day after disaster struck the coast of northern Japan, killing nearly 20,000 people, the …

Nuclear Energy

10 Mindsets That Will Radically Improve Your Performance

Success is something all career-driven individuals desire yet it eludes many people — at least at the levels desired. Why are some businesspeople …


Inside Nasa’s giant rocket factory

It’s been decades since Nasa has had a rocket powerful enough to reach to the Moon – and beyond. But now the agency is building one that could venture even further into space. Richard Hollingham pays it a visit.<p>If you remember one fact from this story, make it this: America’s new rocket will be …

Space Exploration

Jackery Giant+ 2-USB Portable External Battery Charger

ltra high-capacity portable charger and iPhone battery with dual USB port with 12000mAh rechargeable battery power capacity. Super-fast charge output …


10 safest cities in the world

Slide 1 of 12<p>The frequency of terrorism and natural disasters has changed the nature of urban safety: power, communications and transport systems …

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