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Who was here first? A new study explains the origins of ancient Indians

A new paper authored by 92 scientists from around the globe that was posted online this weekend could settle some major questions about the subcontinent’s history and what that means for various theories of Indian civilisation. The paper, titled “The Genomic Formation of South and Central Asia,” …


10 Tips for Better DAW Production

<b>Think you know your DAW inside out? Worried that you don’t know it at all? The chances are you sit somewhere in between and are maybe not the most</b> …

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How to use delay processing creatively on your drums

<b>Although delay might not immediately spring to mind as a music production tool of particular relevance to drums, by eliciting controlled echoes from</b> …

Music Production

13 Quick Tips for Preparing a Mix for Mastering

An article with some tips for preparing a final mix for mastering.The post 13 Quick Tips for Preparing a Mix for Mastering appeared first on The Pro …

Music Production

A Few Music Production Pitfalls to Avoid

An article on some common music production pitfalls to avoid.The post A Few Music Production Pitfalls to Avoid appeared first on The Pro Audio Files.

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The ultimate digital converter for highest rolling audiophiles

Data Conversion Systems, Limited’s limited-edition Vivaldi One celebrates the company’s 30th anniversary in style!<p>Data Conversion Systems, Limited (dCS) celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017 with a limited edition of 250 Vivaldi Ones, and half of them have already been sold. Apparently the …


Music Hall mmf-1.5 turntable brings sound and style together

The Audiophiliac spins vinyl on the Music Hall mmf-1.5 turntable.<p>Music Hall championed vinyl decades before the current generation of hipsters discovered the glories of the groove, so I have to admit I'm more than a little late to reviewing a Music Hall turntable. This one here in my listening …


Sonos One is the speaker to beat for those who want great sound and smarts

The connected speaker wars are upon us, and one day they will be detailed in history books for all to remember. But here, now, it can be hard to cut through the various narratives surrounding the options out there and pick a winner. Now that the cards are on the table in terms of offerings from the …

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What You Need to Know about Mastering

Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer Vlado Meller is considered to be one of the “masters of mastering.” His studio in Charleston, South Carolina …

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Thousands of Albums. Completely Free. Completely Legal.

Noisetrade<p>MUSIC<p>Instrumental<br>• Jazz<br>• Pop<br>• R&B/Soul<br>• Reggae<br>• Rock<br>• Metal<br>• Singer/Songwriter<br>• World<br>• AudioBook<br>• Alternative<br>• Blues<br>• Children<br>• Christian/Gospel<br>• Classical<br>• Comedy<br>• Country …

Make Your Own Ableton Live MIDI Remote Scripts, No Coding Required

Mapping your MIDI controller in Ableton Live may not be a painful experience at all... but there are ways it can be improved upon. At least according …

Steinberg brings VST to Linux, and does other good things

The days of Linux being a barren plug-in desert may at last be over. And if you’re a developer, there are some other nice things happening to VST …


Programming Real Feel into Drum Machines

Who was one of the first producers to use a drum machine in pop & hip-hop music? What’s the secret to programming real feel into drums, and turning …

The Sacred Geometry Of Music

<b>The Sacred Geometry Of Music</b> <b><br>by Andrew Lorimer</b><p>Music uses the laws of vibration to manifest aurally what exists at the center of everything. Into our …

Electric Guitar

Distortion Masterclass for Ableton Suite: Part 1

About DistortionDistortion is the modification of an audio signal. The modification changes the waveform of audio. People usually avoid distortion, …

Music Production

10 Top Tips to Create More Powerful Drops

What You'll Be CreatingYou can have a beautiful progression, an all-star vocalist, catchy melodies, but if the track doesn’t have an impactful drop …

Music Production

Mastering for Vinyl

Some people say that a master for vinyl isn't necessary. That a well mastered track will translate equally as well on CD, as it would to vinyl. I say …

Music Production

5 Different Types of Reverb Explained

An article on some of the different types of reverb you can use in a mix.The post 5 Different Types of Reverb Explained appeared first on The Pro …

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6 Ways to Make Using EQ Easy

An article with tips to consider for using EQ in a mix.The post 6 Ways to Make Using EQ Easy appeared first on The Pro Audio Files.

Arrested Development

8 Ways to Use Reverb as a Special Effect

An article on eight creative ways to use reverb in a mix.The post 8 Ways to Use Reverb as a Special Effect appeared first on The Pro Audio Files.

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Rumbling Techno Bass

<i>Synth Secrets is a series of programming tutorials in which we show how to make a range of classic and new synth sounds using plugins such as</i> …

Music Production

Working With Samples: The Secrets of Dance Music Production

<i>This tutorial is a shortened excerpt from our book, The Secrets of Dance Music Production, which is available to buy now from the Attack store.</i> When …

Music Production

6 Ways To Avoid A Terrible Mix

<b>Having trouble with your mixes? Are they dull and lifeless and not sounding as good as your favourite artists’ tracks? If the answer to either of</b> …

Music Production

How to Read Loudness Meters

“Beautiful Loudness” by <i>Orin Zebest</i> is licensed under CC BY 2.0It's no wonder there is much confusion on the web with the subject of loudness meters …

Music Production

The Mastering Guide to Audio Formats and Delivery Mediums

A best practices guide for mastering audio formats and delivery mediums.The post The Mastering Guide to Audio Formats and Delivery Mediums appeared …

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NAMM 2018: Behringer announce the Neutron Analog Synthesizer

<b>Not sure if this is actually at the show or whether it was revealed at their pre-NAMM show party but Behringer has just released a video of the</b> …


Moog releases 25 limited edition $35,000 synthesizers

An exclusive reissue of one of Moog's most legendary pieces


How to create a crazy synth from a single sine wave using delay

“Delay plugins have become far more comprehensive processors than they were in the days of hardware, effectively serving as near-limitless …

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Computer Audio Sound Quality Samsung 960 EVO SSD

All components in <b>BOLD</b> are loaned; all components in standard face are owned by me.<p><b>LOUDSPEAKERS</b><p>Primary System: Zu Audio Omen Dirty Weekend Edition …

Fact or Fiction: Demon attacks CNN reporter and cameraman on tape

What I am about to recount took place two years ago in Hanover, Pennsylvania. A CNN reporter and her cameraman went to investigate a haunted house. …